Lord of the Rings Voice Compares


Inspector DouglasInspector Douglas
Inspector Egon WeissbachInspector Egon Weissbach
Inspector EndoInspector Endo
Inspector FenwickInspector Fenwick
Inspector GadgetInspector Gadget
Inspector GilInspector Gil
Inspector Ginzo NakamoriInspector Ginzo Nakamori
Inspector GreerInspector Greer
Inspector GregsonInspector Gregson
Inspector GumshoeInspector Gumshoe
Inspector HonmakiInspector Honmaki
Inspector JamalInspector Jamal
Inspector Joseph MeguireInspector Joseph Meguire
Inspector Jugo YokomizoInspector Jugo Yokomizo
Inspector Juzo MegureInspector Juzo Megure
Inspector Kenji MurasameInspector Kenji Murasame
Inspector Koichi ZenigataInspector Koichi Zenigata
Inspector LaBreaInspector LaBrea
Inspector LegrasseInspector Legrasse
Inspector LestradeInspector Lestrade
Inspector LungeInspector Lunge
Inspector Mace FullerInspector Mace Fuller
Inspector Maggie SawyerInspector Maggie Sawyer
Inspector McDonaldInspector McDonald
Inspector MomoseInspector Momose
Inspector MoroInspector Moro
Inspector Nicholas SantosInspector Nicholas Santos
Inspector OdinInspector Odin
Inspector PasoliniInspector Pasolini
Inspector PáteInspector Páte
Inspector PrunepantsInspector Prunepants
Inspector RajaInspector Raja