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Scarlett is the codename for Shana M. O'Hara, a Master Sergeant and counter intelligence specialist on the Joe forces. She is known for her prowess with the crossbow as well as being the first female character to be featured in the series and as a toy. She was usually second in command after either Duke or Flint and was often seen as interchangeable with Lady Jaye once she entered the series. Scarlett had speaking roles in 39 of the 59 episodes she appeared in of the original series making her the second most heard female character on the show. She also was featured in one of the famous "Knowing is half the Battle" G.I. Joe Public Service Addresses. B.J. Ward had the honor of voicing her throughout the Sunbow episodes as well as the 5 episodes she appeared in of the DIC series. That popularity is evident in the fact that Scarlett has reappeared in almost every G.I. Joe incarnation since. In the two direct-to-video projects, Spy Troops and Valor & Venom, she retained her leadership role as second in command. However, in this incarnation LIsa Ann Beley would provide her voice. Next, she would appear in G.I. Joe Sigma Six, in this series Scarlett was portrayed as a rougher and possibly younger character whose expertise seemed to revolve more around the piloting of helicopters rather than counter intelligence. In Sigma Six her voice role was split by Veronica Taylor and Amy Birnbaum. Birnbaum voiced her in 8 first season episodes while Taylor voiced her in 6 second season episodes. Scarlett regained her counter intelligence expertise in the 2009 series, G.I. Joe Resolute and also gained yet another voice, as Grey Delisle took over the role. The latest incarnation of the Scarlett character has been given to us thanks to the Video Game that accompanied the 2009 live action film, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Leigh Allyn Baker became the 6th voice actress to play the role of Scarlett in the video game.

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