Lady Jaye

Franchise: G.I. Joe
Most Reprisals:Mary McDonald Lewis (voiced in 2 titles)

Popularity: 3,403rd All Time, 4,216th This Week

Lady Jaye is the codename for Alison R. Hart-Burnett, a Staff Sergeant in the G.I. Joe forces. She was created for the Sunbow TV Series, but would later be featured in both comics and spin-off series. She was a covert operations specialist and was usually romantically linked to the character Flint. Lady Jaye and Flint would eventually have a child, Marissa Faireborn, who would appear on the Transformers televsion series. Lady Jaye appeared in more episodes in the Sunbow series than any other character outside of Cobra Commander. Lady Jaye did make a small appearance in the G.I. Joe movie and her role was also reprised in the DIC Series. She did make appearances in the series, G.I. Joe Resolute, but unfortunately had no speaking lines. Mary McDonald Lewis provided her voice in all G.I. Joe incarnations up through 1994 when Kathleen Barr voiced Lady Jaye in the direct to video cartoon "Old Soldiers Never Die". As a side note, Lady Jaye was not one of the characters featured in the live action film "The Rise of Cobra".

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Lady Jaye
Lady Jaye

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