Lord of the Rings Voice Compares


General KonradGeneral Konrad
General KrossGeneral Kross
General KwanGeneral Kwan
General LeeGeneral Lee
General Lee OutrageousGeneral Lee Outrageous
General LiGeneral Li
General LionwhyteGeneral Lionwhyte
General LogiGeneral Logi
General Lucas PlagueGeneral Lucas Plague
General MackenzieGeneral Mackenzie
General MagnusGeneral Magnus
General MandibleGeneral Mandible
General McCormickGeneral McCormick
General MikielGeneral Mikiel
General MillsGeneral Mills
General ModulaGeneral Modula
General MolotovGeneral Molotov
General MongerGeneral Monger
General MonkeyGeneral Monkey
General MontgomeryGeneral Montgomery
General Moon LandingGeneral Moon Landing
General MuoroGeneral Muoro
General NessmeyerGeneral Nessmeyer
General NeutronovGeneral Neutronov
General NewcastleGeneral Newcastle
General NormanGeneral Norman
General OlanicGeneral Olanic
General OrorGeneral Oror
General OttoGeneral Otto
General OuromovGeneral Ouromov
General ParvoGeneral Parvo
General PepperGeneral Pepper
General Peters-StahlGeneral Peters-Stahl
General PhaetonGeneral Phaeton
General PigGeneral Pig
General PosadaGeneral Posada
General PublicGeneral Public
General RAAMGeneral RAAM
General RabbitGeneral Rabbit
General Rahm KotaGeneral Rahm Kota
General RaiusGeneral Raius
General RaktonGeneral Rakton
General RandallGeneral Randall
General RatGeneral Rat
General RawlingsGeneral Rawlings
General ReinhardtGeneral Reinhardt
General RevilGeneral Revil
General RhebusGeneral Rhebus
General RichterGeneral Richter
General RieekanGeneral Rieekan
General RilldoGeneral Rilldo
General RisttGeneral Ristt
General RogardGeneral Rogard
General RoosterGeneral Rooster
General RossGeneral Ross
General Russell WoodmanGeneral Russell Woodman
General SaganGeneral Sagan
General Sam LaneGeneral Sam Lane
General SarranoGeneral Sarrano
General ScalesGeneral Scales
General SergeantGeneral Sergeant
General SerpienteGeneral Serpiente
General ShankerGeneral Shanker
General ShatalovGeneral Shatalov
General SheepGeneral Sheep
General ShepherdGeneral Shepherd
General ShifterGeneral Shifter
General ShivaGeneral Shiva
General SirGeneral Sir
General SkarrGeneral Skarr
General Skun-Ka'peGeneral Skun-Ka'pe
General SlaughterGeneral Slaughter
General SmithGeneral Smith
General SnakeGeneral Snake
General SpecificGeneral Specific
General SpidraxGeneral Spidrax
General Steven McFarlandGeneral Steven McFarland
General StoneGeneral Stone
General Store OwnerGeneral Store Owner
General Store RobberGeneral Store Robber
General SturnnGeneral Sturnn
General T. JeffersonGeneral T. Jefferson
General TandinGeneral Tandin
General TannisGeneral Tannis
General TataranGeneral Tataran
General TentacleGeneral Tentacle
General TeslerGeneral Tesler