Lord of the Rings Voice Compares


General ArmquistGeneral Armquist
General at Strategic Air CommandGeneral at Strategic Air Command
General BaalGeneral Baal
General BarcomGeneral Barcom
General BarkerGeneral Barker
General BelovGeneral Belov
General BenaagGeneral Benaag
General BlanqueGeneral Blanque
General BlitzGeneral Blitz
General BlowhardGeneral Blowhard
General BlueGeneral Blue
General BogardusGeneral Bogardus
General BonesapartGeneral Bonesapart
General BonkoppGeneral Bonkopp
General BrakGeneral Brak
General BriggsGeneral Briggs
General BristolGeneral Bristol
General BryceGeneral Bryce
General BullGeneral Bull
General CattonGeneral Catton
General ChaputzaGeneral Chaputza
General ColtonGeneral Colton
General CopeGeneral Cope
General Cross MarianGeneral Cross Marian
General CrozierGeneral Crozier
General CrunchGeneral Crunch
General DeuceGeneral Deuce
General DiegoGeneral Diego
General DodonnaGeneral Dodonna
General DogGeneral Dog
General Douglas HeinGeneral Douglas Hein
General DraconisGeneral Draconis
General DragonGeneral Dragon
General DripikGeneral Dripik
General EkwensiGeneral Ekwensi
General FallonGeneral Fallon
General Fallon's Small HeadGeneral Fallon's Small Head
General FlaggGeneral Flagg
General FranksGeneral Franks
General Froi TiedollGeneral Froi Tiedoll
General G.I. BrassbottomGeneral G.I. Brassbottom
General GaiusGeneral Gaius
General GalapagosGeneral Galapagos
General GarzaGeneral Garza
General GatoGeneral Gato
General Gideon RaveshawGeneral Gideon Raveshaw
General GienGeneral Gien
General GismorGeneral Gismor
General GordonGeneral Gordon
General GordonGeneral Gordon
General GravesGeneral Graves
General GrawlGeneral Grawl
General GrievousGeneral Grievous
General GuerroGeneral Guerro
General GuphGeneral Guph
General HalftrackGeneral Halftrack
General HardcastleGeneral Hardcastle
General HavocGeneral Havoc
General HawkGeneral Hawk
General HeadhunterGeneral Headhunter
General HecklerGeneral Heckler
General HemlockGeneral Hemlock
General HemmerGeneral Hemmer
General HoffmanGeneral Hoffman
General HologramGeneral Hologram
General Horace WarfieldGeneral Horace Warfield
General HorseGeneral Horse
General HoweGeneral Howe
General IgnoranceGeneral Ignorance
General ImmortusGeneral Immortus
General JinraiGeneral Jinrai
General Juan CarlosGeneral Juan Carlos
General Juanito PequeñoGeneral Juanito Pequeño
General Julius SteelGeneral Julius Steel
General KalaniGeneral Kalani
General KazamaGeneral Kazama
General KimGeneral Kim
General KonradGeneral Konrad