4th Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards - Movies


Female CubFemale Cub
Female CultistFemale Cultist
Female CustomerFemale Customer
Female Cute Little Lost BunnyFemale Cute Little Lost Bunny
Female DealerFemale Dealer
Female Digger #1Female Digger #1
Female Digger #2Female Digger #2
Female DoctorFemale Doctor
Female DriverFemale Driver
Female DuckFemale Duck
Female DuckFemale Duck
Female ElephantFemale Elephant
Female ElephantFemale Elephant
Female Employee AFemale Employee A
Female Employee BFemale Employee B
Female EPA WorkerFemale EPA Worker
Female EskimoFemale Eskimo
Female EvangelistFemale Evangelist
Female ExaminerFemale Examiner
Female FanFemale Fan
Female FanFemale Fan
Female Fightercraft PilotFemale Fightercraft Pilot
Female FishFemale Fish
Female FlamingoFemale Flamingo
Female Flying SquirrelFemale Flying Squirrel
Female French TeacherFemale French Teacher
Female GamerFemale Gamer
Female Gangstalicious Shooting WitnessFemale Gangstalicious Shooting Witness
Female GolemFemale Golem
Female GolferFemale Golfer
Female GP ControllerFemale GP Controller
Female GPSFemale GPS
Female GuardFemale Guard
Female GuardianFemale Guardian
Female GuardianFemale Guardian
Female Hacker KidFemale Hacker Kid
Female Hare 1Female Hare 1
Female Hare 2Female Hare 2
Female HostFemale Host
Female HostageFemale Hostage
Female in CrowdFemale in Crowd
Female InvestorFemale Investor
Female Itis Customer 2Female Itis Customer 2
Female Johnny BravoFemale Johnny Bravo
Female JudgeFemale Judge
Female Jug Band MemberFemale Jug Band Member
Female JunkerFemale Junker
Female JurorFemale Juror
Female KangFemale Kang
Female KidnapperFemale Kidnapper
Female KoozebanianFemale Koozebanian
Female Lab TechnicianFemale Lab Technician
Female Lover BearFemale Lover Bear
Female Lover BirdFemale Lover Bird
Female MerchantFemale Merchant
Female Meth TweakerFemale Meth Tweaker
Female Mini SlothFemale Mini Sloth
Female ModelFemale Model
Female Monster 1Female Monster 1
Female Monster 2Female Monster 2
Female MouseFemale Mouse
Female Naval OfficerFemale Naval Officer
Female NeighborFemale Neighbor
Female NeighborFemale Neighbor
Female NeighborFemale Neighbor
Female News AnnouncerFemale News Announcer
Female News ReporterFemale News Reporter
Female News ReporterFemale News Reporter
Female News ReporterFemale News Reporter
Female NewscasterFemale Newscaster
Female OfficerFemale Officer
Female OfficerFemale Officer
Female OstrichFemale Ostrich
Female Owner of the Inn / Winkeny's MotherFemale Owner of the Inn / Winkeny's Mother
Female OxFemale Ox
Female Parent #1Female Parent #1
Female Parent #2Female Parent #2
Female ParrotfishFemale Parrotfish
Female PatronFemale Patron
Female PatronFemale Patron
Female PatronFemale Patron
Female PatronFemale Patron
Female PE TeacherFemale PE Teacher
Female PigFemale Pig
Female PirateFemale Pirate
Female PlatypusFemale Platypus
Female PlayerFemale Player
Female Player CharacterFemale Player Character
Female Pro Bender 1Female Pro Bender 1
Female Pro Bender 2Female Pro Bender 2
Female Pro Bender 3Female Pro Bender 3
Female ProfessorFemale Professor
Female PuppyFemale Puppy
Female Puppy AngelFemale Puppy Angel
Female QuackerFemale Quacker
Female R. Kelly SupporterFemale R. Kelly Supporter
Female Radio Caller 1Female Radio Caller 1
Female Radio Caller 2Female Radio Caller 2