Shinji Ikari

Franchise: Evangelion
Most Reprisals:Spike Spencer (voiced in 6 titles)
Megumi Ogata Japanese (voiced in 6 titles)

Popularity: 980th All Time, 739th This Week

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VOICES OF Shinji Ikari

Incarnations On BTVA: 6

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said at 3:15 AM on Thu Jan 11 2018
Spike's got a higher pitched voice, so this is why whiny roles like these are his forte. And his screams? Holy moly, I don't think anyone else could have topped him on those. Simply amazing!
said at 6:06 PM on Mon Sep 28 2015
Shinji is my only favourite male character on this show.
In the English and French dub, he has the coolest voice of all time.
said at 11:01 AM on Fri Oct 11 2013
Shinji is born to be understood. His father left him when he was a toddler and his mother died Now he has to endure people and challenges that do nothing but hurt him.While he doesn't want to be around people, or get hurt by others, he doesn't want to hurt others either. Shinji Ikari has every right to be who he is, and despite all of it, he continues to fight under the circumstances. The best scene in the series has to be when he is willing to get hurt trying to save Rei Ayanami in the end of Evangelion 2.22.
said at 7:49 AM on Fri Jun 14 2013
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Spike Spenser started out with a typical "grown man trying to sound like a young teen" voice with little personality to it. In Rebuiled however he puts subtle aspects in his performance that make Shinji seem like a more sympathetic character. Even the voice itself sounds more believable. A HUGE step up from the old "golly it's the geofront, jee wizz" performance.
said at 10:47 AM on Sat Jul 20 2013
@Ringworm128 His Rebuild performance really gets that "awkward teenager" sound down very believably. I like Megumi Ogata in the role too, but Spike's screams at the finale of 2.22 blew me away. I could just feel every ounce of pain and determination Shinji felt and his screams seemed to meld perfectly with the music. It was freaking incredible.

I can't believe he hasn't gotten more acclaim for his work in the Rebuild films.
said at 10:45 PM on Mon Jan 30 2012
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I'll admit that Spike's rough start convinced me to watch most the series in Japanese, but he vastly improves as the series progresses and by the Rebuild films... wow. (We need voice compares to include the Japanese clips, in my opinion... and I'm a dub fan!)
said at 10:19 AM on Fri Apr 30 2010
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Megumi Ogata is one of the major factors of what makes Shinji my #1 crush :) I can't say the same for Spike, however T_T
said at 7:37 AM on Tue Apr 17 2018
@CatsTuxedo I like Megumi Ogata too :)

Same for Spike for English dub
and Donald for french dub
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