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Akira Takizawa

Akira Takizawa

FRANCHISE: Eden of the East

VOICES OF Akira Takizawa




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said at 9:14 PM on Sun Mar 16 2014
Oh lord, I get to gush over Takizawa......He's kind, he's playful, he's charming, he's smart, he knows how to use what's at his disposal (confused, see episode 11...) and as for a character in an amnesia story: he's one of the VERY few who it's not a chore to watch. He's likable enough that he's not irritating to sit through backstory hunting. However, as far as the series itself goes he doesn't really develop much. (Again, this is as far as the series is concerned, haven't seen the movies...yet) but I blame this on the series being an amnesia plot. Oh, and I guess I could go on for a few pages about how hot he is, or how hot Jason Liebrecht's voice sounds when he voices him, but we don't need to cover that.....

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"........He's super hot. There I said it.
He's super Likable too.....so, I can justify it......

- sodainmycereal