Franchise: Dragon Ball
Most Reprisals:Christopher Sabat (voiced in 7 titles)
Sho Hayami Japanese (voiced in 7 titles)

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said at 9:28 PM on Sat Jul 9 2011
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Zarbon is without a doubt my most favorite character in the history of all Dragon Ball. His character, mannerism, and elegant behavior is a perfect doppelganger for his true persona; he is the most complex supporting villain with his love of beauty and his pure obsession with vanity. He is, in character, the perfect persona of the beauty and the beast... one who hides his true demon inside and reveals it with regret. He is the one villain who has evil intentions against the Saiyans as he plots and reveals the plan to eliminate the Saiyan race, setting the story in motion with the ensuing genocide which Frieza performs. Zarbon's majestic elegance and unsurpassed loyalty to Frieza makes him a complex character. He follows his master's whims through fear of death and will do anything to stay ahead and stay alive. As Frieza's most powerful and highest ranking elite Commander/General, Zarbon leads the most impacting role in the entire series as a supporting villain yet is never shown onscreen at a repetitive basis. His limited appearances (14 consecutive episodes) and brief cameos make him a perfect role. He plays a tremendous role in the limited amount of time he's in. His very conflict with Vegeta and the essence of his being creates a rift against Frieza and the Saiyan race and their very existence. All voice actors bring him to life in their own elegant methods... Paul Dobson creates an aussie accent and livens him up with this diabolical yet wicked tongue... Chris Sabat gives him a Brit accent, perplexing his tone and soothing his voice ever so gently... and J. Michael Tatum tenderizes his every sound... making him the most calm and collected of the English voice cast. However, even after these awesome performances, the best voice actor remains Hayami Shou, the Japanese masterpiece of a voice... Zarbon's true elegance is unparalleled in the Japanese version and is brought to life with exquisite and elegant brilliance. Yes, indeed... the Japanese version is the definitive sound for the character, a brutish and tender rendering of evil and mysterious fury in a calm and collected fury. Zarbon is without a doubt my most favorite character in the history of all Dragon Ball. He is the perfect villain, the perfect definition of the beauty and the beast. He will always be the greatest form of villainous excellence in anime history for me.
said at 11:10 AM on Mon Feb 17 2014
@PrinceZarbon In my opinion, Oliver Feld is pretty good. At first he seems rather dull; in every scene he outacts Oliver Siebeck, which is an easy feat, but as I learned from listening to him enough, the role is Feld's best villain role. Well, I think he's good, anyway.

And yeah, Zarbon is a great, complex character.
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