Chi-Chi (Young)

Franchise: Dragon Ball
Most Reprisals:Laura Bailey (voiced in 5 titles)

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said at 3:41 AM on Thu Jan 16 2014
The first time Chi-Chi ever appears in the Dragon Ball franchise, she's being chased by a T-Rex-like dinosaur while screaming and crying. She then proceeds to turn around and shoot the blade on her helmet at it, effectively cutting it's head clean off (still crying and screaming the whole time). Then she immediately shoots a laser out of the helmet that completely vaporizes it.

It's one of the most violent, random, and yet hilarious scenes in the Dragon Ball franchise. It's the equivalent of the scene in Z when Princess Snake's servant plays Russian roulette.

A lot of people don't like the character, but ya gotta admit, that's one heck of introduction! XD
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