Lord of the Rings Voice Compares


Captain B. McCreaCaptain B. McCrea
Captain BarbarossaCaptain Barbarossa
Captain BarbossaCaptain Barbossa
Captain BarnaclesCaptain Barnacles
Captain Baseball Bat BoyCaptain Baseball Bat Boy
Captain BattleshipCaptain Battleship
Captain Bellerophon Captain Bellerophon "Tornado" Shanks
Captain Benjamin MathiusCaptain Benjamin Mathius
Captain Benjamin SiskoCaptain Benjamin Sisko
Captain BennettCaptain Bennett
Captain Bernie BiggersCaptain Bernie Biggers
Captain Billy BonesCaptain Billy Bones
Captain BizzarlyCaptain Bizzarly
Captain BlackCaptain Black
Captain Black/Conrad LefkonCaptain Black/Conrad Lefkon
Captain BlahCaptain Blah
Captain BlakeCaptain Blake
Captain BlastoCaptain Blasto
Captain BlazeCaptain Blaze
Captain BlightCaptain Blight
Captain BlondebeardCaptain Blondebeard
Captain BloodbeardCaptain Bloodbeard
Captain BlueCaptain Blue
Captain Blue Jr.Captain Blue Jr.
Captain Blue/Adam SvensonCaptain Blue/Adam Svenson
Captain BobCaptain Bob
Captain BookCaptain Book
Captain BoomerangCaptain Boomerang
Captain BowditchCaptain Bowditch
Captain BradCaptain Brad
Captain BraggCaptain Bragg
Captain BravoCaptain Bravo
Captain BreakfastCaptain Breakfast
Captain Brent FranklinCaptain Brent Franklin
Captain BritainCaptain Britain
Captain Brown/Alan StephensCaptain Brown/Alan Stephens
Captain CabreraCaptain Cabrera
Captain CackleCaptain Cackle
Captain CadaverCaptain Cadaver
Captain CallanCaptain Callan
Captain CampionCaptain Campion
Captain CandyCaptain Candy
Captain CanineCaptain Canine
Captain CapacitorCaptain Capacitor
Captain Capacitor ActorCaptain Capacitor Actor
Captain Carl MajorsCaptain Carl Majors
Captain CarneCaptain Carne
Captain CarpenterCaptain Carpenter
Captain CatgutCaptain Catgut
Captain CavemanCaptain Caveman
Captain Cavik TothCaptain Cavik Toth
Captain Chantel DuBoisCaptain Chantel DuBois
Captain Charles T. BakerCaptain Charles T. Baker
Captain ChickenCaptain Chicken
Captain ClamityCaptain Clamity
Captain ClaudCaptain Claud
Captain CodCaptain Cod
Captain ColdCaptain Cold
Captain ColonelCaptain Colonel
Captain ColonicusCaptain Colonicus
Captain CommandoCaptain Commando