Marvel Superhero Voice Compares


Captain of the GuardCaptain of the Guard
Captain of the GuardCaptain of the Guard
Captain of the GuardsCaptain of the Guards
Captain of the GuardsCaptain of the Guards
Captain of the GuardsCaptain of the Guards
Captain of the Wrestling ClubCaptain of the Wrestling Club
Captain OlimarCaptain Olimar
Captain OrtonCaptain Orton
Captain Ozzik SturnCaptain Ozzik Sturn
Captain PanakaCaptain Panaka
Captain ParouCaptain Parou
Captain PatchCaptain Patch
Captain Paul TraversCaptain Paul Travers
Captain PentaraCaptain Pentara
Captain PerryCaptain Perry
Captain PeteCaptain Pete
Captain Peter PeachfuzzCaptain Peter Peachfuzz
Captain PigheadCaptain Pighead
Captain PlanetCaptain Planet
Captain PollutionCaptain Pollution
Captain PriceCaptain Price
Captain PriceCaptain Price
Captain PuddCaptain Pudd
Captain PughCaptain Pugh
Captain QuirkCaptain Quirk
Captain QwarkCaptain Qwark
Captain RamonCaptain Ramon
Captain Raul ZubietaCaptain Raul Zubieta
Captain Reginald ThistleCaptain Reginald Thistle
Captain RescueCaptain Rescue
Captain RexCaptain Rex
Captain RichardsCaptain Richards
Captain RockhopperCaptain Rockhopper
Captain ROMCaptain ROM
Captain RottinghamCaptain Rottingham
Captain RumCaptain Rum
Captain RumfordCaptain Rumford
Captain RyanCaptain Ryan
Captain SarcliCaptain Sarcli
Captain ScabulousCaptain Scabulous
Captain ScallywagCaptain Scallywag
Captain Scarlet/Paul MetcalfeCaptain Scarlet/Paul Metcalfe
Captain ScarlettCaptain Scarlett
Captain ShawCaptain Shaw
Captain ShawCaptain Shaw
Captain She-RoCaptain She-Ro
Captain ShimazuCaptain Shimazu
Captain ShinerCaptain Shiner
Captain Short John SliverCaptain Short John Sliver
Captain ShuggazoomCaptain Shuggazoom
Captain SilverCaptain Silver
Captain SimianCaptain Simian
Captain SkunkbeardCaptain Skunkbeard
Captain SkyhookCaptain Skyhook
Captain SlagCaptain Slag
Captain SlashCaptain Slash
Captain SlaughterCaptain Slaughter
Captain SlickCaptain Slick
Captain SmekCaptain Smek
Captain SmileyCaptain Smiley
Captain SmirkCaptain Smirk
Captain SmithCaptain Smith
Captain SmollettCaptain Smollett
Captain SmollettCaptain Smollett
Captain SmollettCaptain Smollett
Captain SnerdleyCaptain Snerdley
Captain Sozu SagaraCaptain Sozu Sagara
Captain SpauldingCaptain Spaulding
Captain SqueegeCaptain Squeege
Captain Star JohnsonCaptain Star Johnson
Captain StarshieldCaptain Starshield
Captain SternCaptain Stern
Captain Stigma StoellerCaptain Stigma Stoeller
Captain StormfieldCaptain Stormfield
Captain SunfishCaptain Sunfish