Lord of the Rings Voice Compares


Captain ScallywagCaptain Scallywag
Captain Scarlet/Paul MetcalfeCaptain Scarlet/Paul Metcalfe
Captain ScarlettCaptain Scarlett
Captain ShawCaptain Shaw
Captain ShawCaptain Shaw
Captain She-RoCaptain She-Ro
Captain ShimazuCaptain Shimazu
Captain ShinerCaptain Shiner
Captain ShuggazoomCaptain Shuggazoom
Captain SilverCaptain Silver
Captain SimianCaptain Simian
Captain SkunkbeardCaptain Skunkbeard
Captain SkyhookCaptain Skyhook
Captain SlagCaptain Slag
Captain SlashCaptain Slash
Captain SlaughterCaptain Slaughter
Captain SlickCaptain Slick
Captain SmekCaptain Smek
Captain SmileyCaptain Smiley
Captain SmirkCaptain Smirk
Captain SmithCaptain Smith
Captain SmollettCaptain Smollett
Captain SmollettCaptain Smollett
Captain SmollettCaptain Smollett
Captain SnerdleyCaptain Snerdley
Captain Sozu SagaraCaptain Sozu Sagara
Captain SpauldingCaptain Spaulding
Captain SqueegeCaptain Squeege
Captain Star JohnsonCaptain Star Johnson
Captain StarshieldCaptain Starshield
Captain SternCaptain Stern
Captain Stigma StoellerCaptain Stigma Stoeller
Captain StormfieldCaptain Stormfield
Captain SunfishCaptain Sunfish
Captain SuperCaptain Super
Captain Super JrCaptain Super Jr
Captain SyrupCaptain Syrup
Captain TarpalsCaptain Tarpals
Captain TenilleCaptain Tenille
Captain TennilleCaptain Tennille
Captain Thomas J. LaskyCaptain Thomas J. Lasky
Captain ThunderCaptain Thunder
Captain TilbertCaptain Tilbert
Captain ToadCaptain Toad
Captain ToniCaptain Toni
Captain TorpedoCaptain Torpedo
Captain TortelliCaptain Tortelli
Captain TreesdaleCaptain Treesdale
Captain Troy TempestCaptain Troy Tempest
Captain TyboCaptain Tybo
Captain TygusCaptain Tygus
Captain TyphoCaptain Typho
Captain UltraCaptain Ultra
Captain VegetableCaptain Vegetable
Captain Veronica DareCaptain Veronica Dare
Captain Vincent de SantaCaptain Vincent de Santa
Captain VladimirCaptain Vladimir
Captain Von JobinaCaptain Von Jobina
Captain WaltonCaptain Walton
Captain WestCaptain West
Captain WhammoCaptain Whammo
Captain WhiskersCaptain Whiskers
Captain WildCaptain Wild
Captain Willie PerozziCaptain Willie Perozzi
Captain Won TonCaptain Won Ton
Captain WongCaptain Wong
Captain WormholeCaptain Wormhole
Captain YellowCaptain Yellow
Captain Zachary StormCaptain Zachary Storm
Captain ZaneCaptain Zane
Captain ZeroCaptain Zero
Captain ZipCaptain Zip
Captured BandaCaptured Banda
Captured PirateCaptured Pirate
Car Accident VictimCar Accident Victim
Car AnnouncerCar Announcer
Car ComputerCar Computer
Car ComputerCar Computer
Car DealerCar Dealer
Car DriverCar Driver
Car Fan 1Car Fan 1
Car Fan 2Car Fan 2
Car hornCar horn
Car OwnerCar Owner
Car Rental WorkerCar Rental Worker
Car SalesmanCar Salesman
Car ShopperCar Shopper
Car Wash ManagerCar Wash Manager