Marvel Superhero Voice Compares


Captain Jacob KeyesCaptain Jacob Keyes
Captain James CutterCaptain James Cutter
Captain James HookCaptain James Hook
Captain James T. KirkCaptain James T. Kirk
Captain Jan TemplarCaptain Jan Templar
Captain JarlovCaptain Jarlov
Captain Jean-Luc PicardCaptain Jean-Luc Picard
Captain JohnCaptain John
Captain John O'RourkeCaptain John O'Rourke
Captain John ParkerCaptain John Parker
Captain JurgensCaptain Jurgens
Captain Justy Ueki TylorCaptain Justy Ueki Tylor
Captain K'nucklesCaptain K'nuckles
Captain KalikoCaptain Kaliko
Captain KalusCaptain Kalus
Captain KeelyCaptain Keely
Captain Keely's Scientist BrotherCaptain Keely's Scientist Brother
Captain Ken JohnsonCaptain Ken Johnson
Captain Ken RossCaptain Ken Ross
Captain KidCaptain Kid
Captain KiddCaptain Kidd
Captain KiddieCaptain Kiddie
Captain KlegghornCaptain Klegghorn
Captain KorkCaptain Kork
Captain Ky'DraCaptain Ky'Dra
Captain LeechCaptain Leech
Captain LemmingCaptain Lemming
Captain Leslie HeroCaptain Leslie Hero
Captain LiCaptain Li
Captain Li ShangCaptain Li Shang
Captain LightsCaptain Lights
Captain LingerCaptain Linger
Captain LongCaptain Long
Captain Long John ScarechromeCaptain Long John Scarechrome
Captain LongstockingCaptain Longstocking
Captain LongwoodCaptain Longwood
Captain Lou AlbanoCaptain Lou Albano
Captain Magenta/Mario MoroCaptain Magenta/Mario Moro
Captain Magenta/Patrick DonaghueCaptain Magenta/Patrick Donaghue
Captain Marius (Johto)Captain Marius (Johto)
Captain Martin WalkerCaptain Martin Walker
Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel
Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel
Captain Marvel Jr. / Freddy FreemanCaptain Marvel Jr. / Freddy Freeman
Captain Matthew TennysonCaptain Matthew Tennyson
Captain MatthewsCaptain Matthews
Captain McCluskeyCaptain McCluskey
Captain McRayCaptain McRay
Captain MelCaptain Mel
Captain Michael MurphyCaptain Michael Murphy
Captain Miles StandishCaptain Miles Standish
Captain MiroCaptain Miro
Captain MontandCaptain Montand
Captain MontyCaptain Monty
Captain MooreCaptain Moore
Captain MucilageCaptain Mucilage
Captain MurphyCaptain Murphy
Captain MutinyCaptain Mutiny
Captain NapolipolitaCaptain Napolipolita
Captain NebevayCaptain Nebevay
Captain NemesisCaptain Nemesis
Captain NemoCaptain Nemo
Captain NemoCaptain Nemo
Captain NemoCaptain Nemo
Captain NemoCaptain Nemo
Captain NemsisCaptain Nemsis
Captain NeweyesCaptain Neweyes
Captain NimoyCaptain Nimoy
Captain Ochre/Elaine McGeeCaptain Ochre/Elaine McGee
Captain Ochre/Richard FraserCaptain Ochre/Richard Fraser
Captain of RohanCaptain of Rohan
Captain of the Deep BlessingCaptain of the Deep Blessing