Lord of the Rings Voice Compares


Captain CommandoCaptain Commando
Captain CorkCaptain Cork
Captain Corvina CloydCaptain Corvina Cloyd
Captain CrabnastyCaptain Crabnasty
Captain CrackerCaptain Cracker
Captain CrookCaptain Crook
Captain CrothersCaptain Crothers
Captain CrypticCaptain Cryptic
Captain CuddlesCaptain Cuddles
Captain CullyCaptain Cully
Captain CupcakeCaptain Cupcake
Captain CutlassCaptain Cutlass
Captain Dallas RodmanCaptain Dallas Rodman
Captain Dallas SilverCaptain Dallas Silver
Captain DarkCaptain Dark
Captain Dash CoolstarCaptain Dash Coolstar
Captain David AndersonCaptain David Anderson
Captain DecencyCaptain Decency
Captain DreadCaptain Dread
Captain DreadnoughtCaptain Dreadnought
Captain DrummondCaptain Drummond
Captain DrydockCaptain Drydock
Captain DuBoisCaptain DuBois
Captain DylanCaptain Dylan
Captain Earwig / VirgilCaptain Earwig / Virgil
Captain EddyCaptain Eddy
Captain Eduardo VillaneuvaCaptain Eduardo Villaneuva
Captain Edward 'Eddie' ShroteCaptain Edward 'Eddie' Shrote
Captain Edward TeagueCaptain Edward Teague
Captain Ellen YindelCaptain Ellen Yindel
Captain EnglehornCaptain Englehorn
Captain EnglishCaptain English
Captain EspinozaCaptain Espinoza
Captain Exeter GalaxonCaptain Exeter Galaxon
Captain FaierCaptain Faier
Captain FalconCaptain Falcon
Captain FanzoneCaptain Fanzone
Captain FinnCaptain Finn
Captain FisherCaptain Fisher
Captain FitzgeraldCaptain Fitzgerald
Captain FlintCaptain Flint
Captain FlyntCaptain Flynt
Captain FoleyCaptain Foley
Captain Fredrik AdesCaptain Fredrik Ades
Captain FuertesCaptain Fuertes
Captain GaffCaptain Gaff
Captain Gail RevasCaptain Gail Revas
Captain GantuCaptain Gantu
Captain GaspardCaptain Gaspard
Captain Genkai GotoCaptain Genkai Goto
Captain GinyuCaptain Ginyu
Captain GoodCaptain Good
Captain GorayCaptain Goray
Captain GordonCaptain Gordon
Captain GreedyCaptain Greedy
Captain GreenbeardCaptain Greenbeard
Captain Grey/Bradley HoldenCaptain Grey/Bradley Holden
Captain Grey/Iain TaggartCaptain Grey/Iain Taggart
Captain Grid-IronCaptain Grid-Iron
Captain Grindstone GriffCaptain Grindstone Griff
Captain GumbleCaptain Gumble
Captain GundamCaptain Gundam
Captain GuttCaptain Gutt