Lord of the Rings Voice Compares


Agent 2Agent 2
Agent 2Agent 2
Agent 2 (World Record)Agent 2 (World Record)
Agent 3Agent 3
Agent 47Agent 47
Agent 6Agent 6
Agent 9Agent 9
Agent AlphaAgent Alpha
Agent BAgent B
Agent BennettAgent Bennett
Agent BleeterAgent Bleeter
Agent BricenAgent Bricen
Agent CarsonAgent Carson
Agent CoulsonAgent Coulson
Agent Dana ScullyAgent Dana Scully
Agent Dana ScullyAgent Dana Scully
Agent DarkbootieAgent Darkbootie
Agent Diana ZurvisAgent Diana Zurvis
Agent Disembodied HeadAgent Disembodied Head
Agent DrakeAgent Drake
Agent EdAgent Ed
Agent ElleAgent Elle
Agent EpsilonAgent Epsilon
Agent FacesAgent Faces
Agent FieldsAgent Fields
Agent FowlerAgent Fowler
Agent Fox MulderAgent Fox Mulder
Agent FrancoisAgent Francois
Agent GAgent G
Agent GAgent G
Agent GAgent G
Agent GordonAgent Gordon
Agent GusAgent Gus
Agent HeatherAgent Heather
Agent HelixAgent Helix
Agent Henry MitchellAgent Henry Mitchell
Agent HoneydewAgent Honeydew
Agent JayAgent Jay
Agent KallusAgent Kallus
Agent KayAgent Kay
Agent LAgent L
Agent L.Agent L.
Agent LeeAgent Lee
Agent LockeAgent Locke
Agent MachidaAgent Machida
Agent MaiAgent Mai
Agent MastersonAgent Masterson
Agent Molly GuntherAgent Molly Gunther
Agent Monica FuentesAgent Monica Fuentes
Agent Mother / Angela (Teen)Agent Mother / Angela (Teen)
Agent NAgent N
Agent Nancy MinerAgent Nancy Miner
Agent NessieAgent Nessie
Agent NewellAgent Newell
Agent NutzAgent Nutz
Agent OAgent O
Agent OranchovAgent Oranchov
Agent PingAgent Ping
Agent PleakleyAgent Pleakley
Agent PonchAgent Ponch
Agent PowersAgent Powers
Agent RickAgent Rick
Agent Riley HicksAgent Riley Hicks
Agent RobotoAgent Roboto
Agent RodentskiAgent Rodentski
Agent RushAgent Rush
Agent SAgent S
Agent ShuAgent Shu
Agent SimmonsAgent Simmons