Hannah Barbera Voice Compares


	Baron Boris von Frankenstein Baron Boris von Frankenstein
 Anubis Anubis "Doggie" Cruger
 Conan O'Brien Conan O'Brien
 Dr. Dooser Dr. Dooser
 Jamaican Daningan Jamaican Daningan
 Kathie Lee Gifford Kathie Lee Gifford
 Loudspeaker Loudspeaker
 Luncheon Counter Monster Luncheon Counter Monster
 Paul Luther Paul Luther
 Rorschach Rorschach
 Scooter McAllister Scooter McAllister
 Stepsister #1 Stepsister #1
 Stepsister #2 Stepsister #2
 Stinky Pete the Prospector Stinky Pete the Prospector
 Washington Otis Washington Otis
 Workman Workman
"15 Uses for a Screwdriver" Narrator
"15 Ways to Lose a Finger" Narrator
"All is Lost" Alien
"Big John" Washington
"Big Time" Bobbie Cappalinni
"Big" Bobby Toro
"Big" John Pavarotti
"Bones" Malpasto
"Bootstrap" Bill Turner
"Bowery" Bill Shipp
"Brooklyn" Betty Charles
"Buzz" Sawchuck
"Cartoon Makeover" Singer
"Choices" Narrator
"Deadly Ed" Barzini
"Eight" Voice
"Fatty" Johnson
"Good Idea Bad Idea" Announcer
"I Love You" Dog
"Irish" Jack Dougan
"JBX" Singer
"Macho Man" Randy Savage
"Mad" Mack McNulty
"Mama Leghorn"
"Masked" Lord Dominator
"Mighty" Casey Quinn
"Mime Time" Announcer
"My Funny Looking Friend" Singer
"Noodles" Rizzoni
"Party Mold" Kid Fly
"Peanut" Romano
"Seen It" Cab Driver
"Shovelizin' Man" Singer
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
"Sweet" Bobby Roma
"The Slapper" Announcer
"Ugly" Chris Bailey
"Umbridge on a Unicycle" Doll
"Wiggles" Normann
"Work It Out" Singer
"You Gotta' Be" Singer
"You've Got Mail" Voice
# 27# 27
#1 Box Stutter#1 Box Stutter
'America's Most Armed and Dangerous' Host'America's Most Armed and Dangerous' Host
'Danno' Wolfe'Danno' Wolfe
'Father' Simon Wales'Father' Simon Wales
'Soap' MacTavish'Soap' MacTavish
'Spunky' the Elf'Spunky' the Elf
'Tweet' Pigeon'Tweet' Pigeon
01 Versatran Spokesman01 Versatran Spokesman
1 of 21 of 2
10,000 Volt Ghost10,000 Volt Ghost
100-Year-Old Man100-Year-Old Man
125 Conductor125 Conductor
1930s Radio Announcer1930s Radio Announcer
1940's Announcer1940's Announcer
1957 Judge1957 Judge
1st Ache1st Ache
1st Beagle Pup1st Beagle Pup
1st Brahmin1st Brahmin
1st Commercial Guy1st Commercial Guy
1st Crook1st Crook
1st Guy1st Guy
1st Lieutenant Alphanso Adams1st Lieutenant Alphanso Adams
1st Lieutenant John McPherson1st Lieutenant John McPherson
1st Marketing Guy1st Marketing Guy
1st Medical Student1st Medical Student
1st Passerby1st Passerby