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First Clip From How To Train Your Dragon 2First Clip From How To Train Your Dragon 2

The first clip from the DreamWorks Animation sequel features Hiccup and Toothless discovering a new territory.

@ 6:17 PM on Thu Mar 27 2014
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) TrailerTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Trailer

The first trailer for the CG/live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

@ 11:15 AM on Thu Mar 27 2014
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Frank Welker Hopes For More Curious GeorgeFrank Welker Hopes For More Curious George

Due to a decrease in Curious George episodes per season order, the voice acting veteran hopes for more to be in production.

@ 12:35 PM on Wed Mar 26 2014
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Jason O'Mara Talks Son Of Batman Plus New ClipJason O'Mara Talks Son Of Batman Plus New Clip

The actor talks to DC All Access about reprising the role. Also watch a new clip from upcoming movie.

@ 5:42 PM on Tue Mar 25 2014
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Ghostbusters Script Read By Voice ActorsGhostbusters Script Read By Voice Actors

At MegaCon 2014 a panel of voice actors read through the script for the 1984 film in a variety of character voices.

@ 1:18 PM on Mon Mar 24 2014
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Susan Eisenberg Returns In DC Universe OnlineSusan Eisenberg Returns In DC Universe Online

Talks about voicing Wonder Woman for over 10 years and reprising the role in the upcoming DLC expansion.

@ 7:54 PM on Thu Mar 20 2014
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David Tennant Narrates Kinect Sports RivalsDavid Tennant Narrates Kinect Sports Rivals

Watch the former Doctor as he provides the voice of the narrator in the upcoming Kinect game.

@ 6:04 PM on Wed Mar 19 2014
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First Look At Peanuts' Big Screen ReturnFirst Look At Peanuts' Big Screen Return

Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the gang are back in 2015. Check out the first teaser trailer.

@ 4:31 PM on Tue Mar 18 2014
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Characters that have appeared or been reborn multiple times in TV, Movies and Video Games.
  1. Batman
    84 incarnations
  2. Mario
    77 incarnations
  3. Scooby-Doo
    76 incarnations
  4. Goofy Goof
    70 incarnations
  5. Shaggy Rogers
    69 incarnations
  6. Mickey Mouse
    68 incarnations
  7. Donald Duck
    67 incarnations
  8. Luigi
    65 incarnations
  9. Princess Peach
    63 incarnations
  10. Superman
    62 incarnations
  11. Daphne Blake
    59 incarnations
  12. Velma Dinkley
    56 incarnations
  13. Fred Jones
    55 incarnations
  14. Bowser
    54 incarnations
  15. Goku Son / Kakarot
    53 incarnations
  16. Spider-Man
    53 incarnations
  17. Charlie Brown
    52 incarnations
  18. Wolverine
    52 incarnations
  19. Snoopy
    51 incarnations
  20. Linus Van Pelt
    50 incarnations