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To celebrate the launch of "Casting Call", one of BTVA's biggest features, we're periodically running 3 RANDOM PRIZE DRAWS for a limited time for those who use "Casting Call". Each prize will be won by the 3 distinct forms of participation below.

How Do I Enter The Draws?

1. Create a Voice-Over Project

A "Casting Call" project allows you to hold auditions for your characters. You can manage your project, screen auditions and cast people all on one web page. Create your project now.

2. Audition for a Voice-Over Project

For an aspiring or experienced voice actor, use your voice acting skills and audition for any of the projects listed in "Casting Call". Find a project to audition for now.

3. Refer Friends to Register and use Casting Call

Using the form below, invite 3 friends (who are not members of BTVA) to register for a BTVA account and create a project and/or audition for one. The recommendation is to invite friends who at least have an interest in voice acting. You need to be to invite your friends.
Note: For every 3 friends you invite, you increase your odds in the prize draw; eg. invite 9 friends and your name is "thrown into the hat" 3 times. The CONDITION is that each of those friends must create a BTVA account and use Casting Call (create project and/or audition).

When Are The Prizes Drawn?

A prize is drawn when the number of submissions for each format hits a secret threshold number.

For example:
  • When the number of submitted projects hits 30, a prize will be won by one of the 30 members who created a project.
  • When the number of auditions hits 80, a prize will be won by one of the 80 members who auditioned.
  • When the number of referred friends who create a project or audition hits 40, a prize will be won by one of the members who referred those friends.
NOTE: (the numbers 30, 80 and 40 are purely EXAMPLES and are NOT the thresholds that will be used to determine when the prizes will be drawn)

Subsequent prize draws will have different secret threshold numbers.

Terms and Conditions

  • Projects that are determined as fake will be deleted and the project owner will not be eligible for a prize draw.
  • Each prize value is between 20-30 US Dollars. Winners outside of the US will have the international shipping cost subtracted from the prize value.
  • Each prize will be custom and determined between BTVA and the winners. Shipping cost will be subtracted from the prize value depending on the weight of the prize.
  • Each threshold is based on the number of unique member submissions. eg. 30 projects from the same member does not count. It needs to be 30 projects from 30 different members. The same applies for auditions.
    Submitting more projects/auditions during one draw does not increase your odds of winning.
  • Duplicate accounts from the same members will result in ineligibility.
  • "Limited Time" means the prize draws can end at any point as decided by BTVA. The guarantee is that there will be AT LEAST 3 PRIZE DRAWINGS FOR EACH FORMAT; meaning 9 prizes to be won.
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