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Hi! I'm Tom Schalk. I'm a typical middle-class Long Islander who (you guessed it) wants to be a voice actor. :D
I have a great interest in studio entertainment, having a desire to conquer fields such as filmmaking and editing. Among these fields I plan to battle upon is the world of voice acting. I always had fun toying around with voices, and found myself practicing out loud with the silly, sinister, comical and epic. Although, the other kids in the library were rather confused on who I was talking to...

Anyway, I have about 2 years of serious experience in the field, tackling animations, student films, flash games, Indie games, podcasts, internet radios, and a collection of miscellaneous projects, though I don't plan on stopping there.

No matter how far I may possibly go, my ultimate goal is to become better. Any criticism, no matter how soft or rough to bare, is important to me. Better to know failure that you can improve than know nothing at all and believe you are best. :)

I'm a big fan of Star Wars, so among my dreams is to be the voice of Yoda and/or Darth Vader (I like to aim high) I also wouldn't mind voicing Broly from Dragon Ball Z (also a big fan).

That's about it. Here's a penguin.

<('') "

Everything in quotes is the bio. :)

Tom Schalk (TomStheVoice)

Round 1 Performance
Theme: Street Fighter
Playing: Ryu

You were my top overall pick for those who chose Ryu. I thought you had the age and tone perfect in the voice. Nice job man!

Agrees (5)  Disagrees (5)

Your deep voice fit Ryu well, and each line sounded believable. Lines 2 and 3 were the strongest, capturing the emotional nuances. One suggestion is for a shorter pause between "it's going to burst" and the last grunt in line 4. Otherwise, excellent job!

Agrees (2)  Disagrees (4)
Round 2 Performance
Theme: My Little Pony
Playing: Spike

I enjoyed the slightly rough and broken (like going through puberty) voice, though the tone made him a little older than I was hoping. Loved all the sound effects, esp the *gulp*! Nice touches that just enhanced the performance.

Agrees (8)  Disagrees (2)

Another great Spike voice! I had you second amongst those who chose this character. I think the only thing that kept me from ranking you #1 was that it felt a touch too 'old' for the character to me.

Agrees (6)  Disagrees (0)

Loved how you added some ad-lib sound effects, like grunts or yawns. The voice was appropriately youthful, like Fox said it was similar to a young teenager. One improvement would be to shorten the pauses between sentences so they flow more naturally.

Agrees (5)  Disagrees (1)
Round 3 Performance
Theme: Transformers
Playing: Wheeljack & Cyclonus

I think your Wheeljack was 2nd only to Tuxedo's, loved your "Choke on that Con"! Your Cyclonus was solid as well, maybe could have been a bit deeper and more stoic but thats being picky I suppose.

Agrees (7)  Disagrees (3)

Wheeljack’s "choke on that, con" was great, and I really liked your emotion and acting on monologue 2. Cyclonus was fantastic, really brought out his anger. The high voice helped make him sound tense, and the pain was excellent at the end of monologue 2.

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