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BTVA Spotlight - DreamWorks




About Seymour

Patrick M. Seymour
Age: 22
Years of Voice Acting: 5
"I had a very rocky start, I went in pretty much flying blind, having little experience, and no real prowess to my voice, I just did random voice overs on youtube, 2 years of that, and I started getting that pseudo ego that I had the brass balls to stand next to people like Hebert, Platt, and Lowenthal.
But it took some serious reality checks, heavy falls, and the wise words of a lot of friends and coaches, that I needed to change myself, so for the past 3 years, I have been working with my voice and acting practically everyday, that I don't want to ever get rusty, and when I give it my all, I set that bar, and try to surpass it. Also I have been working on my resume, my character and commercial cut demo, business cards, the works. Whether I end up in radio, animations, ADR, or even just working inside my little booth doing work for Voice123, I will press on, and do what I love most.
I love this job so much, I want each performance I have to be like it's my last performance ever."

Trial #1
Trial #2
Trial #3
Trial #4
Round 1 Performance
Theme: Street Fighter
Playing: Ryu

A lot of great Ryu submissions in this round. I had you 4th among them. Your tone quality and clarity in your voice is your strength. Perhaps work a bit on the pacing and phrasing so it doesnt sound choppy though.

Agrees (3)  Disagrees (3)

Line 2 managed to sound both uneasy and confident, so props there. While the first line sounded a little too narrator-like, the rest was great. Keep it up!

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Round 2 Performance
Theme: My Little Pony
Playing: Spike

I really liked the tone and sound of the voice, but just wished it sounded younger. Overall here, your acting wasn't as strong as previous performances. Lines 1 and 4 felt a little rushed. Though Line 3 did stand out quite well for me.

Agrees (8)  Disagrees (1)

Your lines seemed very rushed here and I just didn't think the voice fit the character quite right. I was hoping for a bit younger and not so 'human' of a voice.

Agrees (5)  Disagrees (1)

A pretty decent performance as a whole. The lines were delivered well enough, the voice was decent by itself, though it could’ve been more kid-like. One thing I liked was the “yawn-while-talking” effect in line 1.

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