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My name is Jerry Jones. I am 28 years old, and I live in Byron, GA with my wife and two sons. I am 5'11" and enjoy screwdrivers and long walks on the beach. Okay, enough of that!

My passion has been acting for many years. I truly love the performing arts. In the past, I have generally stuck to stage acting and some independent screen acting (local). I got into voice acting when I was working as a salesperson in a large national car insurance company. I had been selected a few times to help narrate some training modules for the new hires. My interest was piqued and I decided to dive further into the rabbit hole. I started reading about voice acting techniques and such and got even more interested. It was when I lost my job that I started really pursuing the dream even more. So naturally when I heard about AYVO I had to give it a shot and test my skills as well as learn from other entrants to see what I could maybe do better. I am blown away by the talent in this community and am humbled by the opportunity to compete against those who I see as the best of the best. I will never give up on this dream of voice acting and I look forward to the day in which all of you will hear me in your favorite shows, movies, and games. Thank you all very much for your time in reading this, you are all great. I would also like to wish my fellow finalists much luck in the rounds to come.

Trial #1
Trial #2
Trial #3
Trial #4
Round 1 Performance
Theme: Street Fighter
Playing: Dhalsim

The accent was a bit much for me here, it distracted me from the overall performance. Also, I think a bit of the 'power' of the character was lost with it.

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The accent was kinda cool but a bit exaggerated; detracted a little from performance. I'd recommend that you try and focus more on the acting than the accent. Great amount of energy, though a bit youthful for an aged character like Dhalsim.

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Round 2 Performance
Theme: My Little Pony
Playing: Spike

The "buzzy bee" sounding voice was a great choice for a "baby dragon". The youngest sounding voice of the all the Spike's. Well accompanied by a character fitting acting performance. Favorite part: "lookin' real(high inflection) good".

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We had some great Spikes but among them I had you sir as my Top selection! I actually had you as my Top pick overall for this whole Round! Great job man!!

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You delivered every line with youth and vigor, and you really exceeded at line 2, putting on a hard exterior but really being scared. The voice sounded childish and even dragon-like, what with the raspiness. Nice job there!

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Round 3 Performance
Theme: Transformers
Playing: Wheeljack & Cyclonus

I have to admit it kind of threw me off that you didn't add any pauses in between the natural break in the lines, it made it sound rushed a bit. Love your deep tones though man!

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The deep voice fit Wheeljack pretty well. For Cyclonus, the voice was a bit too high/raspy for me, but the acting was great. Not a bad job, all around.

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said at 12:29 PM on Sat Jul 21 2012
Wow! I love your callback performances! Each one is very distinct and very well done! :D
said at 3:22 PM on Mon Jul 23 2012
@Zylphia Thank you! I appreciate the compliment, and I am super happy that you enjoyed them. :D
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