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Hi there everyone! My name is Daman Mills, aka. "LordCrehavos", and it is a pleasure to introduce myself to you all. :)

I am 19 years old who lives on that far off fantasy land of Hawaii, and I'm a moderately sorta kinda awkward individual....(Heheh. >,>;;;)

I strive to become a professional Voice Actor in the ever growing industry of wacky insane vocal talents and creating wonderful pieces of various, awesome media! I started voice acting about 4 years ago on YouTube, thinking it'd be fun to try something completely new and hoping I could mimic some of my favorite characters; to feel awesome-er about myself or something. :P Now, as most of the professionals in the industry would say...I was the lowest of the low when it came to this type of stuff. But I never gave up! I kept doing my ignorant little fandubs because they were just a fun outlet I had found myself doing from time to time. As time progressed though, I received more and more attention, people thinking I was actually good! So I stopped and thought...hey...maybe I can actually get somewhere with this! So for several years, I have spent my time honing my vocal chords and acting by myself with this continued hobby, even participating in the occasional original project. Through trials and efforts, I have been begun to really shine! And now here I stand, with over 1,000 subscribers on my "LordCrehavos9000" YouTube account. I have gained some attention from a small handful of professionals, and I am hoping, with my current agenda with a particular voice actress, I shall be entering the professional side of this industry very soon!

This contest has truly been an amazing experience and I am honored to have made it to the Finalist Rounds. It has been a pleasure working with everyone here, and I shall take everything I've learned here to make myself a better voice actor. :)

Trial #1
Trial #2
Trial #3
Trial #4
Round 1 Performance
Theme: Street Fighter
Playing: Ryu

I had you as a close second amongst the Ryu submissions. I liked the deep tones and the subtlety you chose for the character here.

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The voice really fit the character, and I loved the choking up at the end of line 2, as though he was reluctant to say it. Each line sounded believable, save for somewhat-awkward shouting in the third line. That’s about all that needed improvement.

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Round 2 Performance
Theme: My Little Pony
Playing: Snips

Loved the voice. Perfectly fit the small and fun-loving Snips. While the overall acting was solid, I just felt the excitement and enthusiasm was kind of held back. Lacked some oompth to really liven up his character.

Agrees (10)  Disagrees (2)

Even though we only had two Snips performances I think you both nailed it. I had you second amongst all finalists for this round and could definitely see this fitting into a real cartoon for a character just like this! Great job man!

Agrees (8)  Disagrees (2)

For a more "low-key" version of the character, you delivered the lines pretty well and the voice still managed to sound eager enough. A successful interpretation in my mind.

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Round 3 Performance
Theme: Transformers
Playing: Wheeljack & Cyclonus

Loved your Cyclonus, thought only Tuxedo's edged it out. Pacing was just right, emotions were great. I have to admit though, I am not a big fan of your take on Wheeljack, just a little too 'hillbilly' sounding for me.

Agrees (12)  Disagrees (2)

Wheeljack's Cajun (?) accent was an interesting touch, made him sound laidback yet badass. Cyclonus’s perfomance as a whole was certainly villainous, and the pain in monologue 2 was a highlight. Only criticism is that some lines were a bit too slow for me

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