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I think, to put it simply, I'm a jobless amateur artist in his early 20's, situated in the comfortable Pacific Northwest of the United States. At the time of this writing, I'm doing a lot of job searching while practicing drawing and writing up story ideas that I can work with. If all goes well and I summon the necessary motivation, I'll be working on my own webcomic soon.

I enjoy voice acting because it lets me express emotions I usually don't get the chance to express in day-to-day life. The majority of the work I do is just private for-fun recordings of myself delivering lines (and sometimes I provide voicework for friends' projects). I gravitate towards the voice acting present in video games and anime, and have been told on several occasions that my voice sounds like Johnny Yong Bosch's.

I managed to claim first place in a voice acting contest at an anime convention earlier this year, after my friends encouraged me to try it. Still, contests and personal projects are probably the extent of my ambitions: I don't feel too driven to pursue a career in voice acting.

Round 1 Performance
Theme: Scooby Doo
Playing: Shaggy Rogers

You had solid acting and sufficient emotion and energy to sell the character. But many parts were very slow in pace, which didn't seem to fit Shaggy's character. The beginning of Line 2 was the best part for me.

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Watch the mic skills as like a few other contestants there were audible ‘puffs’ and the like. Your third line was better than most who chose that line but something about the performance overall just didn’t work for me. Wish I could tell you why though.

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I noticed some puffing in the mic. Try standing back. Some of the inflections are a bit off at the end of sentences. I liked it seemed to lack in areas as far as overall performance.

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