4th Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards - Movies




About Pgirts

My name is Patrick Girts. I am 21 years old (soon to be 22), and I live in Richmond, VA. I am currently a student at Virginia Commonwealth University and my major is advertising.

I love to perform and I love animation. Put those two facts together and I think you can see where my desire to do voice acting came from. I do have a little bit of stage experience, which has definitely helped me to improve my acting ability; however, I personally find doing voiceovers to be far more liberating. There is no audience watching you so you donít have to worry about how you physically act; itís just you and the microphone. This allows you to make choices in your performance that you would never do in front of an audience. That is my favorite aspect of voice acting.
I donít really see myself having a career in voice acting, namely for two reasons. First, it is an extremely difficult business to get into, and second, I donít really think Iím good enough to be doing it professionally. I do love to find opportunities to better myself though, which is the key reason why Iím participating in this contest.
As for voice related things that Iím interested in, I would say that Iím most interested in western animation, video games, and film. Iíve never been too keen on anime, even though there are few that I love (Cowboy Bebop of course).
I try to do various types of voices. Iím pretty good at impressions, with my most well known one being Mark Hamillís Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. As for more original takes on popular characters, I would say that my most well known and favorites to perform are Frieza, Dr. Robotnik, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Giving your own voice to characters that you love is a really fun experience, and I try to keep my repertoire of voices as diverse as possible. Look me up on Youtube (my username is Pgirts) to see my voiceover work, and feel free to critique!
Well, thatís about it! I hope you enjoyed reading me ranting about me! I thank you all for your support, and I look forward to doing more voice acting in the future!

Round 1 Performance
Theme: Scooby Doo
Playing: Shaggy Rogers

Can't help but think I just listened to the real Shaggy. Getting the spot on voice is one thing, but to carry it with the fluid acting is another. The crescendo towards the high broken voice "out of a cartoon" was pure gold.

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So this must be why you are getting so many votes as the finalist to win this whole thing! LOVED the way you ended the second line, the switch in octave for the voice was perfect. My only nitpick was the last line as it seemed to trail off a bit.

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Simply Put, AMAZING! I liked the vibes, acting, inflections and emotions presented here. It was close to the original but not trying to hit the actual cords but has your own vocal spin to it. Overall great job.

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Round 2 Performance
Theme: Dragon Ball Z
Playing: Raditz

Effortless performance once again and bringing the character to life. I felt the threatening calm in his delivery, so cocky but could snap at any time.

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First line had a minor error with the Ďfí in Ďfightí but real minor. You did a great job of showing both the soft spoken side as well as the ruthless side. This one also fits the Ďlookí of the character a little better than the others who chose him.

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I loved the feeling in here. Just the right type of voice chosen here. Could have added a slight gravel/growl to him but it picked up in Lines 2 & 3. Definitely could see this being used!

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