1. Who is eligible for the contest?
Any registered member of BTVA who is of legal age in their state and country. Minors please ask your parents or guardians for permission. If you do not have an account, click here to register.

2. Where do I go to enter the contest?
When there is an active contest, go to www.behindthevoiceactors.com/act-your-voice-out/ and click on the "Audition Now" button on the page. You may only submit one entry during the contest audition period, which is stated on the auditions page.

3. How long is the entire contest?
The contest consists of the auditions and the voting rounds which will total a duration of 12 weeks. Two (2) weeks for auditions (or until a sufficient number of auditions have been submitted) and two (2) weeks per voting round (Five (5) rounds in total).

4. How many winners are there?
There is one (1) winner per contest.

5. What is the prize for the winner of the contest?
The one (1) winner will receive a prize worth 100 US Dollars (choice of gift card, DVD/Blu-Ray and/or video game). Shipping costs will be subtracted from the 100 for residents outside the US. See Official Rules for more details.


6. What do I need to submit?
An audio file in format must be submitted. In order to qualify for the contest, the audio file must be less than 1 minute in length and comply to the Official Rules.

7. What types of files can I submit?
The audio file size should be less than 2 megabytes in file size and must be in MP3 file format.

8. When can I submit my audition? What is the deadline?
When there is an active contest, auditions will be open for a period of two (2) weeks, or until a sufficient number of auditions have been submitted.
For exact dates, go to www.behindthevoiceactors.com/act-your-voice-out/.

9. How many auditions can I submit?
Each registered member of BTVA is allowed to submit ONE (1) audition.

10. What if I don't see my audition on the site?
Your audition will not appear on the auditions page right away. It will take about 24-48 hours to go through our screening process. If you do not see your audition posted after this time, it will most likely be because your audition did not adhere to our Official Rules. If you still have a question about your audition, simply post your concern in our forums. Please note that having your audition appear on the auditions page does not guarantee you will be eligible to become a finalist - it simply means that no rule violations were identified during the initial screening. It is possible that your audition could be removed if any violations are found.

11. Can I use sound/voice altering effects or music in my audition?
No. Your audition can only consist of a recording of your own voice.

12. What if I have trouble submitting my audition?
  A. Make sure your audition meets the technical specifications described above; ie. MP3, under 1 min, less than 1MB.
  B. Don't navigate away from the page or close your browser during your audition submission. You will know your audition has been submitted successfully when you see the "Thank you for your submission" message.
  C. Please take note of any messages displayed on the page after you have attempted submitting your audition.
  D. If you are still unable to submit your audition successfully, please copy the URL of the webpage and any message displayed on the page and post your issue in our forums. A BTVA Admin/Moderator will help you troubleshoot your problem.


13. What is a finalist?
A finalist is a person who has auditioned and been selected by the Judges to participate in the voting rounds of the contest.

14. What is a round?
Each round will require a voice acting performance from finalists based on a selection of characters and lines/monologues from a TV/Movie/Video Game franchise.

15. How long is each round?
Each round will be two (2) weeks. One (1) week for finalists to record and submit their performances. One (1) week for the BTVA community to vote for their favorite performances.

16. How many rounds are there?
There are five (5) rounds in total, with two (2) to four (4) finalists eliminated after each round until Round 5 (the Final Round). Finalists moving onto the next round are determined by votes from the BTVA community and the Judges.

17. When will the finalists be announced?
The sixteen (16) finalists, as chosen by the Judges will be announced approximately two (2) days after the auditions have closed.

18. When will the winner be announced?
The winner will be announced after the end of Round 5 (the Final Round) of the contest.


19. Who can vote?
Any registered member of BTVA. If you do not have an account, click here to register.

20. How many times can I vote?
During the voting rounds, a BTVA member can vote for ONE (1) finalist based on their favorite performance. One (1) vote per round per contest.

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