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Wendel Calvert

Date Of Birth: Dec 31, 1969

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said at 8:05 PM on Tue May 17 2016
In my opinion, Wendel is one of the most underrated voice actors in the anime dubbing industry. His voice is just so unique and gives off a presence that can be intimidating, funny, etc. I've seen some of his demo reels on youtube and he actually has a really impressive resume. I also follow him on social media and he seems like a very nice, down to earth fellow. It's really great to see him get back into dubbing anime, his Two-Horns is fantastic and hearing him on Toonami was a real treat. I hope that more ADR directors at Sentai Filmworks will start casting him in more of their dubs, Kyle Jones seems to be the only one casting him nowadays. I wish a productive 2016 for you Mr. Calvert.
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