Wataru Takagi

Wataru TakagiJapanese

Date Of Birth: Jul 25, 1966
Birth Place: Kitakyushu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Voice Over Language: Japanese

Popularity: 43rd All Time, 44th This Week

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THE VOICES OF Wataru Takagi

Credits On BTVA: 255 Roles from 202 Titles  [ Only show characters with sound clips ]

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said at 5:52 PM on Fri Apr 22 2016
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Without a doubt one of my personal favorite seiyuus. Wataru Takagi pretty much owns any role he's given, whether it be Knuckle Bine, Okuyasu, Ciseaux, Jack (Power Stone), a lot of the Street Fighter characters, and even Daffy Duck. He made a very good Lei and Heihachi as well.

On another note: his rendition of Zangief's Final Atomic Buster move is simply awesome.
said at 9:09 AM on Fri Jul 25 2014
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Happy birthday, Wataru.

They weren't when they say he is a versatile VA.

If you played any of the pre-2000 Street Fighter titles, Soul Calibur/Edge or Tekken 2, there's a very good chance you've heard his voice. Yet you probably didn't know he was very versatile back then.
said at 1:26 PM on Tue Nov 17 2015
@Fulgore2005 Funny/goofy/wacky characters, pretty boys, snot-nosed boys, lone warriors, wise-cracking dudes, big brutes or strong guys, psychos, yanderes, big bad villains, or badass heroes.

You name it. He can do it all.
said at 6:34 PM on Wed Mar 30 2016

"They weren't when they say he is a versatile VA."

I think you a word. Also, his Daffy Duck is awesome.
Belial Edge
said at 10:33 PM on Tue Jan 24 2012
 3 Shout Outs!
Wataru Takagi, one of the most amazing seiyuus of all time. :3
said at 12:10 PM on Thu May 7 2015
@Belial Edge Yeah
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