Tomokazu Seki

Tomokazu SekiJapanese

Date Of Birth: Sep 8, 1972
Birth Place: Koto, Tokyo, Japan
Voice Over Language: Japanese

Popularity: 29th All Time, 50th This Week

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said at 11:55 AM on Thu Sep 8 2016
Happy birthday, Tomokazu.
said at 5:43 AM on Thu Sep 8 2016
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Happy Birthday, Tomokazu Seki! Anytime I happen to stumble upon hearing his voice, there's no way I can say that I get annoyed by him. The two roles I associate him with most are Domon Kasshu and Yoshimitsu, but other favorites include Meito Anizawa, Stan Aileron, Kanji Tatsumi, Sonic the Werehog, Viewtiful Joe, Toji Suzuhara, and Kenichi Shirahama.
said at 2:48 AM on Mon Nov 2 2015
So cool that Tomokazu voiced Werehog Sonic.
said at 1:07 PM on Tue Sep 8 2015
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Happy Birthday Tomokazu Seki!

One of my favourite hot blooded seiyuu's ever! IMO he is the definitive voice for Domon Kasshu, none of his English voices ever worked for me the way Seki pulled him off.

and of course he's also brilliant as Gilgamesh in the Fate Franchise and voiced so many other great characters like Shinya Kogami in Psycho Pass, Daru in Steins;Gate, Sosuke Sagara in Full Metal Panic!, Van Fanel in Escaflowne, Jun Kitagawa in Kanon and Brandon Heat/Beyond the Grave in Gungrave.
said at 7:52 AM on Sat Sep 5 2015
wait... the Voice actor of Sonic Weregog is also the voice actor of Whisper and Craig!?!?
The Ear of One
said at 11:39 AM on Tue Sep 1 2015
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in the younger days he was high pitched. then he became deep voce. but this guy can scream and he screams the awesome fo characters he has voiced.
said at 9:55 AM on Sat Aug 1 2015
His Impression of the late Naya Goro is very Impressive.
said at 9:58 PM on Fri Jun 14 2013
Among my favourite japanese male voice actors. From the kind Kenichi Shirahama, to the narcissistic Gilgamesh and the unique sounding otaku Itaru Hashida. Impressive range and acting ability.
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Archer / Gilgamesh
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Kanji Tatsumi
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Shinya Kogami
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Ezio Auditore da Firenze
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Ishida Mitsunari
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Haru Glory
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Sonic the Werehog
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Domon Kasshu
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Sly Cooper
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Ginei Morioka
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Tracey Sketchit
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Shuichi Shindo
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Kyo Sohma
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Kenichi Shirahama
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Van Fanel
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Nobuo 'Nobu' Terashima
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