Tara Jayne

Tara Jayne

Date Of Birth: Sep 20, 1975
Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Popularity: 333rd All Time, 52nd This Week

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said at 5:56 AM on Tue Sep 20 2016
Happy Birthday Tara Jayne!

I believe my favourite performances from her are Anna Kyoyama and Mokuba Kaiba. I'm also looking forward to hearing her performance as Hikari Yagami! (when I can actually watch it that is)
said at 5:38 AM on Tue Sep 20 2016
Happy Birthday Tara Jayne!
said at 5:07 AM on Tue Sep 20 2016
Happy Birthday, Tara Jayne! Really enjoyed the VA's performances as Circe, Ritchie, Kombu Infinity, Mokuba Kaiba, and Anna Kyoyama. From the snippets I've heard of the Digimon Adventure tri dub, she sounds very good as Hikari Yagami.
said at 12:24 PM on Sat Aug 27 2016
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Good news guys !
said at 10:32 PM on Sun Aug 21 2016
Hello new picture to the queen of sad voices
said at 8:01 AM on Sun Aug 21 2016
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Really like the new picture :)
Darkness Dragon
said at 2:12 AM on Tue Aug 2 2016
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Even I was not really a fan of the Pokemon And Yugioh fubs she did a great job.
I hear she is voicing Kari in Digimon Trip
She all be great
Darkness Dragon
said at 2:49 PM on Tue Aug 2 2016
@Darkness Dragon
I misspelled Tri
Joel the Pokekid
said at 6:50 PM on Tue Apr 19 2016
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Apparently she was part of the Naruto Shippuden dub and she's also in the Viz dub of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal.
said at 10:25 PM on Mon Feb 22 2016
I had no idea Max, Mokuba, & stinkin' Bulbasaur were allthe same person. Prop!
said at 2:00 AM on Fri Sep 25 2015
Happy late birthday Tara, my favourite roles are Kaya, Jasmine, Bulbasaur and Melanie
said at 9:03 PM on Sun Sep 20 2015
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Happy Birthday Tara!
said at 8:59 PM on Sun Sep 20 2015
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Happy 40th Birthday Tara Jayne Sands.

Easily one of my favorite underrated voice actresses in the 4kids talent pool. I admire her incredible roles such as Bulbasaur, Ritchie and several characters in the first 8 seasons of Pokémon, Circe in Generator Rex, and as the Host for Cartoon Network's Friday's.

I wish her the best of luck on gaining more major voice over roles in the future. ;-)
said at 3:58 PM on Sun Sep 20 2015
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Happy Birthday Tara Jayne!

She's extremely underrated and was such a major staple of the old 4Kids talent pool. Even though she's moved to LA a long time ago, it saddens me she isn't used as much as I would like. I think Circe was one of her best roles, since it is one of her few western cartoon roles and a rather decently important role too. I also loved her work in the Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Slayers, TMNT, Tiger & Bunny and in the VIZ dub of Sailor Moon.
said at 10:22 AM on Tue Sep 20 2016
It's great that Tara Jayne Sands has been able to start getting a lot more work this past year and especially in some high profile series/dubs like Digimon Adventure Tri, One Punch Man, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt.

However I think what I am most thrilled about is the fact she is reprising as Mokuba for The upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! movies, reuniting her with her "big brother" Eric Stuart which is awesome.

It took a while but she's finally get more work and recognition that I always felt she deserved. Let's keep giving her this consistent level of work coming please!

Happy Birthday Tara Jayne Sands!
said at 4:16 PM on Sun Apr 5 2015
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Dang. Tara Jayne? That's a name I haven't heard in forever. Glad she's getting more roles.
said at 5:15 AM on Sun Apr 5 2015
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She's excellent at melancholic voices
said at 3:11 AM on Sat Sep 20 2014
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Happy Birthday to Tara Jayne, the voice of Mokuba, Bulbasaur, Phanpy, Jasmine, Ritchie, and Circe. She went from 4kids to Studiopolis like a boss.
said at 5:28 PM on Fri Sep 20 2013
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Happy Birthday, Tara! Hopefully you will get more roles in the near future soon. :)
said at 4:29 PM on Thu Sep 20 2012
Happy birthday, Tara.
said at 9:56 PM on Sun May 13 2012
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Tara Jayne is such an underrated voice actress. She's had many great, memorable roles in so many popular series. Her voice is unique, and she has a lot of range. It's a shame she kinda goes by unnoticed. It'd be nice to hear her in more stuff.
said at 1:09 PM on Fri May 11 2012
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she done brilliantly in all her Pokemon roles! She is so distinguishable because she played lots of roles on there
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