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said at 11:52 AM on Wed May 24 2017
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I know Suzanne prefers to be to voice director then a voice actor but her performances in these roles are really good.

heck even if its a small cameo, i would like to see her take another shot at voice acting if she feels like it.
said at 7:58 AM on Fri Dec 26 2014
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From being the VA of Chris Thorndyke to being the VO director for Viz's Sailor Moon dub? That is one large transition.
said at 12:15 PM on Sat Jul 5 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
She's transitioned into voice directing and is the new voice director for Sailor Moon. Hope she does well!
said at 5:35 PM on Fri Nov 22 2013
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Who else thinks her voice for Chris would also make a good Tails?
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