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said at 9:02 PM on Sun May 6 2018
Suzanne great as Jasmine and Christopher Thorndyke
said at 11:52 AM on Wed May 24 2017
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I know Suzanne prefers to be to voice director then a voice actor but her performances in these roles are really good.

heck even if its a small cameo, i would like to see her take another shot at voice acting if she feels like it.
said at 7:58 AM on Fri Dec 26 2014
 13 Shout Outs!
From being the VA of Chris Thorndyke to being the VO director for Viz's Sailor Moon dub? That is one large transition.
said at 12:15 PM on Sat Jul 5 2014
 6 Shout Outs!
She's transitioned into voice directing and is the new voice director for Sailor Moon. Hope she does well!
said at 5:35 PM on Fri Nov 22 2013
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Who else thinks her voice for Chris would also make a good Tails?
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