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BTVA Spotlight - DreamWorks
Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Date Of Birth: Dec 28, 1922
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA

Popularity: 717th All Time, 871st This Week. *

Trivia & Fun Facts:

Other Professions:

- Former President and Chairman of Marvel Comics
- Comic Book Writer
- Producer


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said at 8:04 PM on Tue Dec 29 2015
Happy Belated Birthday Stan Lee.
said at 5:07 AM on Tue Dec 29 2015
Happy belated birthday, Mr. Stan Lee.
said at 8:45 PM on Mon Dec 28 2015
Wow, Happy 93rd Birthday Stan Lee. You've sure come a long way.
said at 3:24 PM on Mon Dec 28 2015
Happy B-day, Stan ^__^
said at 2:44 PM on Mon Dec 28 2015
 4 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Stan "The Man" Lee!

Thanks for being one of the major driving forces of Marvel Comics in the Silver Age and co-creating some of the greatest superheroes in comic book history.

I love the cameos he makes in so many of the Marvel movies, my personal favourite cameos that he did include his in The Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Spider-Man (2002) and Spider-Man 3. However I think the most clever casting of Stan is as Willie Lumpkin in the 2005 Fantastic Four movie, one of the characters he created...to me I think that's genius and the most fitting.

The cameo at the end of Big Hero 6 as Fred's dad was one of the best surprises in a movie in recent memory and I also really enjoyed his cameo appearance in Mallrats and his guest appearance on The Simpsons.

and to end on one final note True Believers....EXCELSIOR!
said at 6:54 AM on Mon Dec 28 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Marvel legend Stan Lee!
said at 7:18 PM on Wed Dec 31 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
If Stan were ever unavailable to voice himself this guy should voice him.
said at 4:45 PM on Sun Dec 28 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Happy birthday to the god of comics!
said at 7:25 AM on Sun Dec 28 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Happy birthday Stan.
Polyester Funk
said at 12:02 AM on Sun Dec 28 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Happy birthday, Stan Lee.
said at 8:53 PM on Sat Dec 27 2014
 4 Shout Outs!
Have a Marvelous, Fantastic, Incredible, Amazing, Invincible, and Uncanny Birthday, Stan Lee!
said at 6:12 PM on Mon Feb 2 2015
@MaskedMarvel89 You forgot "Mighty".
said at 6:32 PM on Sat Nov 22 2014
 1 Shout Out!
I wear them front, I wear them back...
said at 7:28 PM on Tue Dec 31 2013
Dammit, how could I miss his birthday. I hope it's ok to say happy late birthday Stan.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 10:11 PM on Sat Dec 28 2013
 1 Shout Out!
I find it funny Stan Lee's most voted role was Stan Lee
The Doctor
said at 12:11 AM on Sun Dec 29 2013
@Music Meister No one is better Stan Lee than Stan himself ;)
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 12:16 AM on Sun Dec 29 2013
@The Doctor The role he was born for
said at 12:17 AM on Sun Dec 29 2013
@Music Meister

I went with "Stan", personally...close enough.
The Doctor
said at 6:00 AM on Wed Jan 8 2014
@Music Meister Just for fun: If for some weird reason Stan was unavailable to play himself in some upcoming project, who you could see do good Stan impersonation?
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 6:49 AM on Wed Jan 8 2014
@The Doctor Kevin Michael Richardson
said at 7:33 AM on Wed Jan 8 2014
@The Doctor Dan Gilvezan. He has portrayed Stan at least one point in his career.
said at 7:11 PM on Sat Dec 28 2013
Happy Bday, my idol!
Dark Kuja
said at 6:20 PM on Sat Dec 28 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday, Stan. May your legacy never die.
said at 2:25 PM on Sat Dec 28 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Happy Birthday! I hope we still have many years of cameos and voice-overs from you yet!
said at 2:19 PM on Sat Dec 28 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Stan Lee.

Is Old.
said at 3:27 PM on Sat Dec 28 2013
@VctrBnsn And I mean that in the most respectful way possible.
said at 1:58 AM on Sat Dec 28 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Happy Birthday Stan Lee!
said at 12:58 AM on Sat Dec 28 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
Happy birthday, Man of Marvel. Excelsior!
said at 12:31 AM on Sat Dec 28 2013
Happy Birthday Stan Lee the Creator of Marvel Comics also make cameo Movie and Cartoon
said at 6:27 AM on Tue Dec 17 2013
 6 Shout Outs!
Anyone else love watching all the Marvel movies going 'OH THERE HE IS!!"
said at 10:11 PM on Mon Dec 16 2013
The man that modernized the comic book.
said at 1:42 PM on Fri Oct 25 2013
A great man but he wasn't the original creator of Marvel (that was Martin Goodman in 1939) but he was the 1 who brought it back in the 60's & made it what it is 2day. 90 & still going strong, live on Stan & keep up the good work.
Dark Kuja
said at 3:59 PM on Sun Aug 25 2013
 6 Shout Outs!
One of the most imaginative men who ever lived.
said at 4:43 AM on Tue Jul 30 2013
 4 Shout Outs!
*Gives 21 guns Salute*
said at 3:32 PM on Tue Jun 11 2013
 6 Shout Outs!
My childhood would be nothing without you. Well, I would still have DC, but still!!

BTW, did you guys know he was in an episode of MAD? He voiced freakin' Papa Smurf!!!
said at 3:15 PM on Mon Sep 30 2013
@VctrBnsn And the announcer of the sketch 'The Amazing Man-Spider'.
said at 11:21 PM on Thu Mar 21 2013
 4 Shout Outs!
Great comic book creator, and surprisingly a really good actor/voice actor as well.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:53 PM on Fri Dec 28 2012
 12 Shout Outs!
May Stan live on for ten more years at the least.
said at 10:48 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
Happy Birthday Stan Lee.
said at 8:13 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
 6 Shout Outs!
90 years young and still going strong! Happy Birthday, Stan Lee! Excelsior!
said at 2:58 AM on Sat Jul 28 2012
he's 89 years old right now, carry on your life as a legendary, Stan!
said at 9:45 AM on Fri Jun 8 2012
Holy crap I share the same birthday as the legendary Stan Lee!
Madness Abe
said at 2:22 PM on Wed Dec 28 2011

SM Scorx
said at 9:59 AM on Wed Dec 28 2011
Happy Birthday, Stan!
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 12:39 AM on Wed Dec 28 2011
Happy Birthday Stan
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 3:19 PM on Mon Jun 13 2011
Yay, you guys do have Stan Lee. I will meet this man one day.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:02 AM on Tue Dec 28 2010
 1 Shout Out!
Happy birthday, Stan Lee! This guy is literally a comic book legend, and his acting roles are always memorable.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:51 PM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@NCZ *figuratively
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