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Chris Griffin
Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane

Birth Place: Kent, Connecticut, United States
Date Of Birth: Oct 26, 1973
Voice Over Language: English

Trivia & Fun Facts:

Brother of Rachael MacFarlane.

Favorite role: Brian Griffin

Other Professions:

- Creator of Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show
- Film director


Credited Roles On BTVA So Far: 135





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said at 9:50 AM on Thu Jul 31 2014
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Apparently this guy and his family ate at the restaurant I work at last saturday. (If you're wondering, the restaurant is 10 Center in Newburyport MA. His parents are from there. I work in the kitchen, so unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to see him)
said at 5:20 PM on Sat Nov 2 2013
Love Family Guy, American Dad & his Number1 film Ted. Rock on Seth.
said at 12:31 PM on Sat Oct 26 2013
Happy birthday Stewie!
said at 2:09 AM on Mon Jun 17 2013
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While he's very well renowned as the creator of shows like Family Guy and American Dad, as well as his writing style, it's amazing how underrated his voiceover skills are. Honestly, based on his work in Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show, I'd say he's one of the best living voice actors as well, and that's saying a lot. His range is just incredible, and he truly becomes his characters, and the little nuances he gives them are hard to beat. I'd like to hear him do more voice work for shows that aren't his own.

He can do it all. He can draw, he can write, he can act, he can sing, he can voice act, he can direct movies, he can host, seriously, what CAN'T this guy do? Probably one of, if not THE best multitalented people ever in entertainment.
said at 8:27 AM on Thu Mar 13 2014

I think Rachael MacFarlane said in one of the American Dad commentaries that he's not the best driver ;) and he himself says that he's not good at video games XD

but you forgot playing the Piano... i never really heard him play, but Alex Borstein and some other people said that he is a fantastic Piano player^^
said at 2:38 PM on Tue Feb 26 2013
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Best. Oscars. Host. EVER!!!
Nightmare Crusher
said at 4:51 PM on Tue Feb 26 2013
@Bryton Weird, I've heard mostly negative things, haven't seen it myself though.
said at 5:36 PM on Tue Feb 26 2013
@Nightmare Crusher
Just a bunch of oversensitive wimps. Seriously idk what people were expecting; it's Seth MacFarlane! He's going to have big elaborate musical numbers, make a few sexist/racist jokes, and just be himself. To me he's by far the most entertaining host I've ever seen and I've been watching the Oscars since 2004.
said at 9:51 PM on Tue Feb 26 2013
@Nightmare Crusher Most people thought he did an awesome job (including myself). The critics bash EVERY Oscar host. Not even Billy Crystal was safe from it last year.
said at 11:45 PM on Tue Feb 26 2013
@PurpleWarrior13 Well Seth was pretty Good. I really liked that song he did.

I'm gonna go play "Cant Smile Without You" now.
said at 12:47 AM on Mon Feb 25 2013
I Guess he's Popular this Week now Huh?

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