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said at 6:30 PM on Wed Jan 31 2018
Been playing a lot of BOTW over the last half year or so, but I really enjoyed Chiplock's performance as Revali in BOTW. He nails the snark and attitude of Revali in a way that comes of as quite enjoyable to listen to and just really adds to most of his scenes. His Teba was also solid for what little he had. While a lot of people have varying opinions on BOTW's voice acting, you have to admit Chiplock really killed it as Revali and Teba. The game itself in terms of gameplay and atmosphere is amazing and Sean's performances were definitely a nice addition to it.

He was also really good as Mishima in P5, pretty great performance there. Plus Sean's just a really cool dude with a lot of passion and dedication to his work. Really hope to hear more of Sean in the future, he's a great VA and just an overall great guy in general.
said at 3:47 PM on Sat Oct 7 2017
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He's been popping up a lot lately and has consistently been among the most enjoyable performances in the stuff I've seen him in over the past year. Overall I enjoy the Ys VIII Japanese voices more but I find myself consistently missing Chiplock as Hummel.
said at 10:21 AM on Tue Jun 27 2017

congratulations, m8
said at 3:07 PM on Mon May 1 2017
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He is adorable as Mishima! And his Navarre is surprisingly likeable, despite all the character's bravado!
said at 9:52 PM on Thu Apr 13 2017
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Aw look at old school SonicMega doing bigger and better things lately. Nice to hear him in Danganronpa, Magi and Freedom Planet in the past, but him appearing in recent projects like Zelda's Breath of the Wilds and Persona 5. Yes Sean! Keep doing great things for yourself butt!
said at 12:23 PM on Sat Mar 18 2017
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As mixed as I am on BotW's voice acting, Chiplock was pretty on point (as Revali specifically). He's also great as Taka and a solid replacement for Navarre. Keep up the good work and recent hot streak, man.
said at 5:03 AM on Fri Mar 3 2017
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I find it a bit amusing that back in the decade around a decade ago or so, he was voicing Link in some Smash Bros. Machinima's and now he has a role in the Legend of Zelda series.

That's pretty fitting.

Always thought this guy was underrated, his Cassim in Magi was simply fantastic, it's a shame that he never seems to be cast in many big name projects or major roles in them but hopefully that will change soon.
said at 2:55 AM on Mon Apr 18 2016
is this is the same sean chiplock that voices sheen & fatigue in "the bedfellows" (it's a youtube series)
said at 2:59 AM on Tue Jan 31 2017
@sl1fka Why, yes it would seem!
said at 10:41 PM on Mon Oct 19 2015
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There needs to be an undertale anime specifically so this guy can work on it. His genocide papyrus and asriel dreemurr voices had funimation quality (on his soundcloud)
said at 2:29 PM on Thu Oct 22 2015
@kinne I think you'll find that I've got something pretty close to what you're hoping for. Would an Undertale Let's Voice dub starring him as Papyrus satisfy you?
said at 2:30 PM on Thu Oct 22 2015
@kinne Oh, and he voices Asriel's first form too.
Jared Delgado
said at 7:22 PM on Tue Sep 29 2015
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I'm just going to assume that he's busy with other things that maybe he can't audition often.
said at 11:05 PM on Sun Aug 9 2015
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said at 8:12 AM on Sun Mar 8 2015
See the reason why I wanted to vote for Sean Chiplock is because he has taken his voice outside of it's regular tone and tried out for a few female voices. He also has an O in his sir name and O is my favourite letter.
Jared Delgado
said at 1:18 PM on Tue Sep 16 2014
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What can I say? He did extremely well as the revenge-driven Cassim.
said at 8:36 PM on Mon Jul 21 2014
Congrats on being in Freedom Planet
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