Oliver Platt

Oliver Platt

Date Of Birth: Jan 12, 1960
Birth Place: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Popularity: 3,439th All Time, 2,882nd This Week

Trivia & Fun Facts:

He is a second cousin once-removed of Diana, Princess of Wales through his maternal great-great-grandparents James Roche and Frances Work


"One of the performances that really made me want to be an actor started out with this probably 20-minute rambling, drunken monologue by this bum. And it was a young Morgan Freeman. I'll never forget it. This guy was just so riveting. He stood there on stage alone before the curtain went up, and he held this audience utterly rapt. Including myself, obviously."

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said at 3:08 AM on Thu Jan 12 2017
Happy Birthday Oliver Platt.
said at 2:30 PM on Tue Jan 12 2016
Happy Birthday Oliver Platt!

Fantastic actor, he was great as Stavros Milos on Fargo and The Man in Black Suit in X-Men: First Class.
said at 12:37 PM on Tue Jan 12 2016
Happy Birthday, Oliver!
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