Norm MacDonald

Norm MacDonald

Date Of Birth: Oct 17, 1963
Birth Place: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

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said at 1:27 PM on Sat Oct 17 2015
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Happy Birthday Norm MacDonald!

Oh man whenever I get to see Norm in anything, I tend to have a good laugh. Some of his best work was on SNL especially as Burt Reynolds a.k.a Turd Ferguson. I also enjoyed him on shows like The Middle, My Name is Earl (where he ironically enough plays the son of Burt Reynold's character) as well his voice roles as Death and Norm the Genie, also he's doing really well as Colonel Sanders in the current KFC commercials.
said at 7:50 AM on Sat Oct 17 2015
Happy Birthday Lucky :D
said at 8:12 PM on Tue Feb 24 2015
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Turd Ferguson...It's a funny name
said at 6:32 PM on Wed Oct 29 2014
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Best Burt Reynolds Ever!
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