Miyuki Sawashiro

Miyuki SawashiroJapanese

Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
Date Of Birth: Jun 2, 1985
Voice Over Language: Japanese

Trivia & Fun Facts:

Voiced Puchiko in Synch-Point's English dubs for Di Gi Charat the Movie and Leave it to Piyoko, in addition to voicing the character in the original Japanese version.

THE VOICES OF Miyuki Sawashiro

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Credited Roles On BTVA: 260





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said at 6:48 PM on Sun Sep 6 2015
She could be a good Franziska Von Karma from Ace Attorney
said at 3:06 PM on Tue Jun 2 2015
My favorite VA~ Happy birthday!
The Ear of One
said at 12:16 AM on Thu May 7 2015
you see her in anything. and when she takes the female roles whenever they are seductive, mature, or childish but light voiced
she is still so amazing.
I rellay liked her as Twilight Sparkle
I guess its no wonder some call her a Japanese Tara Strong.
said at 2:48 AM on Thu May 7 2015
@The Ear of One "Childish but light voiced", also known as "baby voice". Which is what I hear a lot of Japanese voice actresses doing.

I can't believe that she was Wyldstyle, Unikitty AND Ma Cop though!
The Ear of One
said at 10:36 AM on Thu Jun 25 2015
@BlankSlate well many seiyus can do the similair voices.

to deep to baby voices. sometiems I feel its impressive, other times when I hear diffretn It sounds similair to something else I saw but thats just me.
Miyuki is awesome.
Jared Delgado
said at 1:07 AM on Mon Oct 27 2014
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
Wow! This lady is pretty much Japan's Tara Strong!
Belial Edge
said at 12:45 AM on Mon Dec 1 2014
@Jared Delgado Pretty much. Most things can barely get enough of her, next to Takehito Koyasu, Tomokazu Sugita and Norio Wakamoto.
Belial Edge
said at 9:52 PM on Sun Oct 26 2014
Well, seems like nowadays
Whenever Miyuki Sawashiro is cast in anything
It seems to be good.

BlazBlue, Persona, Super Smash Bros., what's next? :P
Belial Edge
said at 9:57 PM on Sun Oct 26 2014
@Belial Edge And Street Fighter, Sword Art Online, Soul Calibur, Bioshock, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem....

And even Touhou for Christ's sake. :P Everyone just loves to cast her somehow, even me! (Dream cast that is)
said at 5:21 AM on Mon Dec 1 2014
@Belial Edge The Lego Movie?
Belial Edge
said at 3:24 PM on Thu May 29 2014
I just have to say, she's everywhere nowadays. Christ. :P
said at 9:06 PM on Mon Nov 18 2013
Her Twilight is straight-up perfect
said at 8:28 PM on Tue Jul 15 2014
@thomwim Her Wyldstyle even more so.
Belial Edge
said at 10:42 PM on Wed Sep 12 2012
And I also want her to voice some of my OC's XD
Belial Edge
said at 3:05 PM on Sun Mar 4 2012

Not only did she voice two Touhou characters (no need to really mention them), but alas, she can voice a bishounen like no other. :3

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