Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Date Of Birth: Jul 12, 1978
Birth Place: Bexar County, Texas, USA

Popularity: 2,786th All Time, 2,509th This Week

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said at 7:28 AM on Sun Jul 12 2015
Happy Birthday Michelle Rodriguez!!

You were awesome for your brief voice over role in IGPX, along with your live-action action roles such as the kick-butt Jessica Ortiz in the Fast and the Furious series.
said at 10:54 AM on Thu Aug 4 2016
@DisneyAnimefan1995 I first saw her in Lost. That's where I recognized her from.
said at 6:25 AM on Sun Jul 12 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Michelle Rodriguez!

I Loved her as Liz Ricarro in IGPX.
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