Michael Caine

Michael Caine

Date Of Birth: Mar 14, 1933
Birth Place: Southwark, London, England, UK

Popularity: 1,639th All Time, 2,941st This Week

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said at 10:05 PM on Sat Feb 11 2017
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He was so great as Alfred in The Dark Knight Trilogy. He was able to be both witty and emotional.

Just brilliant work, really.
said at 12:05 AM on Thu Feb 2 2017
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not a lot of people know that
said at 3:44 PM on Sat Mar 14 2015
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Happy Birthday Michael Caine.

Easily my favourite live action Alfred Pennyworth and he hilarious as Nigel Powers in Goldmember plus his distinct Cockney accent is cool.
said at 3:57 PM on Fri Mar 14 2014
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Happy birthday, Alfred.
said at 12:26 PM on Fri Mar 14 2014
Happy birthday Michael.
said at 10:44 AM on Fri Nov 1 2013
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Where the hell are his fans??? This man is an amazing actor.
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