Masaya Onosaka

Masaya OnosakaJapanese

Date Of Birth: Oct 13, 1964
Birth Place: Sumiyoshi, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan
Voice Over Language: Japanese

Popularity: 116th All Time, 152nd This Week

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Sometimes Credited As: Masaya Onozaka

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5 CastOverwatch CastWorld of Final Fantasy Cast

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Credits On BTVA: 127 Roles from 113 Titles

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said at 8:13 AM on Thu Oct 13 2016
Happy Birthday Masaya Onosaka!

He's one of the funniest seiyuu's around.

I really enjoyed his performance as Vash the Stampede in Trigun, I mean JYB was good and all but I thought Masaya played the role better and was a lot funnier too.

I also loved his performances as Don Patch, Jadiete, Puri-Puri Prisoner, Issac Dian, Max Sandshelt and despite how much I hate this character Alessi too.
said at 6:45 AM on Thu Oct 13 2016
Happy Birthday, Masaya Onosaka! Right at the moment my favorite Onosaka roles include Isaac Dian, Puri-Puri Prisoner, Shinji Hirako, Mantaro/Kid Muscle, Alessi, and Zelos Wilder.
said at 1:53 AM on Tue Oct 13 2015
Happy birthday Masaya Onosaka
My favourite roles are Kleude, Zhao Yun and Zhuge Liang
said at 8:27 AM on Wed Jul 9 2014
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Favorite Role
Who's your favorite Masaya Onosaka role? *
21.4% (3 votes)
Zhao Yun
14.3% (2 votes)
Zhuge Liang
14.3% (2 votes)
Takeshi Sendo
7.1% (1 vote)
Shinji Hirako
7.1% (1 vote)
Shigekazu Sakanami
7.1% (1 vote)
Vash the Stampede
7.1% (1 vote)
Don Patch
7.1% (1 vote)
Zelos Wilder
7.1% (1 vote)
Isaac Dian
7.1% (1 vote)
14 Total Votes