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Amy Rose
Lina Inverse
Tony Tony Chopper
Bunwa Kaku
Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz

Birth Place: New York, USA
Date Of Birth: Dec 11, 1974
Voice Over Language: English

Trivia & Fun Facts:

Favorite Food: Pastilles

Favorite Roles: Amy Rose, Lina Inverse, Shiori, Deedlit

Speaks both Spanish and English.


(When asked about doing voice acting in Ratatoing) "The thing that disturbs me the most about this is... is that you've heard of it."

Other Professions:

Voice Producer at DuArt Film and Video


Credited Roles On BTVA So Far: 123





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said at 1:00 AM on Fri Mar 27 2015
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I think her Amy is a little overrated. Her voice is cute but there's not much range. She uses the same voice for every emotion Amy has.
said at 8:25 PM on Thu Dec 11 2014
Happy Birthday Lisa Ortiz True Amy Rose I hope to be again
said at 12:00 PM on Thu Dec 11 2014
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Happy Birthday Lisa, one of the best actresses in the NY scene. Even if I didn't care for 4kids dubs/shows, she was always one of the standouts to me, and gave some of the best performances. Great job as Amy Rose, Tony Tony Chopper, Lina Inverse, Sabrina, Serenity Wheeler, Alicia Whistle, Musa, Icy, Kaku Bunwa, Oshawott, Fletchling, and Tomomi among others!!!
said at 12:24 PM on Thu Dec 11 2014
@DravenRoth994 I messed up there a bit, I did like their dubs for Pokémon (the early episodes at least), and Yu-Gi-Oh (aside from some silly edits like changing the agents pointing their guns at Kaiba, to them.......pointing their fingers?!). Their dub for Winx Club was decent from the little I watched, and I liked their TMNT series too......from the little I watched.
Jared Delgado
said at 5:56 AM on Thu Dec 11 2014
Happy Birthday, Lisa, and great job as Amy Rose and Lina inverse.
said at 1:13 AM on Mon Dec 8 2014
 3 Shout Outs! [?]
I wonder how Funimation got her to audition for Alicia in Blue Gender.
said at 4:10 PM on Mon Dec 1 2014
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
Lisa Ortiz, you were the BEST MUSA ever. Romi Dames is OK, but not as great as Lisa!
said at 8:17 PM on Wed Nov 12 2014
Saw a recent episode of Pokémon a while back. I recognized her as Korrina the minute she started talking. It's nice that she was brought back to the franchise, along with Jason Griffith, Ted Lewis, and David Brimmer among others!! Ever since the dissolve of 4kids, the NY actors have been on tough times!! How bittersweet!!!
said at 8:36 PM on Wed Nov 12 2014
@DravenRoth994 ^^ How the heck did it get like that??!! That's not how I spelt it, I assure you.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 9:45 PM on Wed Nov 12 2014
@DravenRoth994 Just some minor bugs. For some reason certain characters (such as apostrophes or accented letters) don't always appear properly.
said at 10:21 PM on Tue Jun 24 2014
 1 Shout Out! [?]
To those who say she lacks range, watch this:


Sure, she may not be the most versatile actress, but she has far more range than she's given credit for. I didn't know she could do that. Though, that's mostly because I haven't heard enough of her work. Back when I watched 4kids, she was always one of the stand outs to me at the time. I'd like to hear more of her work at some point.
said at 9:07 PM on Tue Dec 10 2013
Happy Birthday again Lisa Ortiz best Amy Rose to be again
said at 8:01 PM on Sun Aug 25 2013
Deedlit in "Record of Lodoss War" was the first time I ever heard her voice. It became and remains one of my favorite roles from her. Although I gotta say, her Lina Inverse is similarly terrific. Seriously, though, I've loved everything I've heard her voice in. She IS a seriously underrated voice actress; she has a lot more range and versatility than given credit for.
said at 4:24 AM on Sat Jul 6 2013
I love Lisa's work. X3
said at 9:14 PM on Tue Dec 11 2012
Happy Birthday, Lisa! Best voice actress ever!
said at 2:28 PM on Tue Dec 11 2012
Happy birthday again, Lisa.
said at 12:51 AM on Tue Dec 11 2012
Happy Birthday Lisa Ortiz cute Amy Rose be again
said at 4:27 PM on Sat Aug 4 2012
Lis amazes me!
said at 6:07 AM on Sun Dec 11 2011
Happy birthday, Lisa :)
said at 4:23 PM on Fri Jul 1 2011
I LOVED you as Amy Rose! No offense to anyone, but the new one is horrible and sounds like Minnie Mouse! You were and still are the best voice of Amy!
said at 8:30 PM on Wed Mar 2 2011
I really really want you back as Amy Rose Lisa, because Amy's new actor is (didn't mean to be a bit offensive) extremely awful!!! :'(
Your so awesome as Amy no matter what.
Thank You. ^_~

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"Cool VA Actress that is one of my top favorites Amy Rose, Lina Inverse, Tony Tony Chopper, and she's done a lot of Voices on Pokemon!"

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