Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton

Date Of Birth: Sep 26, 1956
Birth Place: Salisbury, Maryland, USA

Popularity: 4,592nd All Time, 6,599th This Week

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A.K.A. Linda Carroll Hamilton

Best known as Sarah Connor from the Terminator film franchise.

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said at 6:40 AM on Tue Sep 26 2017
Happy Birthday Linda Hamilton.
said at 4:53 AM on Sat Sep 26 2015
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Happy Birthday Linda Hamilton!

I absolutely loved her as Sarah Connor in the Terminator franchise. What makes this character great is the metamorphosis from the down your luck every-girl waitress she was in the first film in to this extremely paranoid and on edge badass soldier preparing for Judgement Day. As much as I disliked Salvation it was cool of them to actually show them using the audio recordings Sarah made at the end of the first film.
said at 7:22 AM on Mon Sep 25 2017
I'm honestly excited to see her return as Sarah Connor in the next Terminator movie.
said at 9:16 PM on Fri Sep 26 2014
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Saraah Connuh
said at 4:42 PM on Thu Sep 26 2013
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Happy Birthday, "Sarah Connah".
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