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Leraldo Anzaldua

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said at 9:53 PM on Wed Apr 5 2017
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One of Houston veteran voice actors Leraldo great as Zess, Ken Washio, Largo, Noda, Yuta, Yamato, Art, Toru, and Takashi
said at 10:21 PM on Mon Jan 11 2016
He's come a long way as an actor, I'm happy for him!

Guin Saga's second half wasn't a kind spotlight on his resume... but I blame Steven Foster for not caring; shame since the first half of Guin Saga was actually pretty good.

I also hope to hear him in more FUNimation dubs and if Sentai Filmworks can get the licenses for Gatchaman II and Gatchaman F someday that would be great too.
said at 11:08 AM on Tue Dec 1 2015
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yes. he has finally landed a Funimation dub. Now for him to appear in more roles to make up for Scott Freeman no longer being available
said at 11:38 AM on Tue Dec 1 2015
@Domayv I thought Chris Patton would be great for England.
said at 12:27 PM on Tue Dec 1 2015
@xstationo Chris no longer works on Funimation dubs and doesn't want to anymore since he would have to drive through I-45 (which is one of the most dangerous freeways in America in terms of fatality rate), plus that now-dismissed lawsuit between Funi and Sentai soured his opinion of the former.

Also, Newton Pittman could work as a good replacement voice for England.
said at 5:53 AM on Tue Dec 1 2015
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Now he has a Funimation role. Congratulations! :)
said at 12:47 PM on Wed Nov 4 2015
So he's going to be voicing Toru Acura in Chaika - The Coffin Princess dub.

Good Choice, I'm sure he'll do well as Toru.
said at 12:34 AM on Sat Aug 1 2015
he was really good as kumagawa he really got the insane part of him
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