Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu

Date Of Birth: Feb 13, 1968
Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Popularity: 495th All Time, 948th This Week

Trivia & Fun Facts:

Has a black belt in karate.

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said at 12:33 AM on Mon May 28 2018
D'vorah the insect lady

one word cool and disturbing
said at 3:16 AM on Wed Apr 18 2018
Please continue being Karai and Cheshire.
said at 12:41 AM on Wed Mar 28 2018
Hope Kelly plays more ninja characters like Karai, Cheshire, and D'vorah
said at 12:35 AM on Mon Feb 26 2018
said at 12:35 AM on Mon Feb 26 2018
Happy Birthday Kelly Hu

1. Karai
EPA Deane
said at 1:51 PM on Tue Feb 13 2018
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Have a Very Happy 50th Birthday Kelly Hu

My Top Five Favourite Voice Role From Her are:

5. Shan Shan Nguyen (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
4. Karai (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 )
3. Laira (Green Lantern: Emerald Knights)
2. Cheshire/Jade Nguyen (Young Justice)
1. Visas Marr (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2- The Sith Lords)

If Windblade appears in the Michael Bay Transformers Series, Kelly Hu Would be an Excellent fit in the Part.
said at 6:48 AM on Tue Feb 13 2018
Happy birthday, Kelly Hu!!!

My favorite roles from her are:

1) D'Vorah (Mortal Kombat X)
2) Karai (2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
3) Katana (Infinite Crisis)
4) Cheshire/Jade Nguyen (Young Justice)
5) Lady Shiva (Batman: Arkham Origins)
said at 3:17 AM on Tue Feb 13 2018
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Happy Birthday Kelly Hu!
said at 5:36 AM on Thu Nov 9 2017
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Kelly Hu is one talented actress she is great as Lady Deathstrike Karai, Stacy Hirano, Shiva, D,vorah, and Cheshire
Shaun Ince
said at 5:50 AM on Thu May 4 2017
 3 Shout Outs!
She is great as Cheshire, Karai & Katana. I also never would have guessed she voiced Stacy in Phineas & Ferb. That surprised me.
said at 7:03 PM on Tue May 2 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
Kelly is one talented actress she great as Lady Deathstrike, Karai, Stacy hirano, Shiva, D'Vorah, Laira, Katana, Miyumi, Okiku, and Cheshire
said at 8:36 AM on Wed May 3 2017
@batcool she is so talented in va that i often forget that time she fought hugh in x-men 2, that was a preety dope fight scene
said at 9:00 PM on Mon Feb 13 2017
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Happy Birthday Kelly Hu!!!
said at 2:58 PM on Mon Feb 13 2017
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Happy birthday Kelly Hu!!!

I really liked her as Cheshire, Paula Crock and Karai.
said at 2:59 PM on Mon Feb 13 2017
And I also enjoyed her as D'Vorah.
said at 3:02 PM on Mon Feb 13 2017
And I forgot to say this, but I also liked her as Katana and Lady Shiva.
said at 6:55 AM on Mon Feb 13 2017
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Happy Birthday Kelly Hu!

My top 5 favourite roles from her are:

1.) Karai (TMNT)
2.) Cheshire (Young Justice)
3.) Lady Deathstrike (X2: X-Men United)
4.) Stacy Hirano (Phineas and Ferb)
5.) Shan Shan Nguyen (Spectacular Spider-Man)
said at 5:04 AM on Tue Feb 13 2018
Dang, she sure voiced a lot of character in Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters last year. She did a good job there.

Happy Birthdau Kelly Hu!
said at 6:13 AM on Mon Feb 13 2017
Happy Birthday, Kelly Hu!
said at 3:23 AM on Mon Feb 13 2017
Happy Birthday Kelly Hu, Stacy and the awesome Cheshire Cat.
HK-47 master
said at 4:11 AM on Sat Apr 2 2016
I'm surprised that she never did a voice on Legend of Korra.
said at 7:35 PM on Sat Feb 13 2016
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Happy Birthday Kelly Hu!!

I loved her live action performances as Cassandra in "The Scorpion King" and Lady Deathstrike in "X2" and it's awesome that she does voice over work as a side thing. I loved her voice over roles as Stacy Hirano, Cheshire, and Karai.
said at 12:04 PM on Sat Feb 13 2016
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Happy Birthday Kelly Hu!
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 9:04 PM on Tue Jan 26 2016
 8 Shout Outs!
Aw, snap! She's Lady Deathstrike from "X2"?!
said at 3:18 PM on Fri Feb 13 2015
 7 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Kelly Hu.

If there is an evil ninja girl, call this lady. I love Kelly as Karai and Cheshire.

and she's a black belt....she is so awesome. :D
said at 2:07 PM on Fri Feb 13 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Happy Birthday Kelly Hu!!! Loved her as Jane Teng, Karai, Ms. Li, Stacy Hirano, and Cheshire among others!!
said at 8:30 AM on Fri Feb 13 2015
Happy birthday Kelly Hu voice of Cheshire(Young Justice)Stacy(Phineas&Ferb)Karai(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)&Shan Shan Nguyen(Spider-Man).
said at 7:02 PM on Sat Aug 16 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
She has done quite some voice acting, hopefully she will voice Lady Deathstrike one day.
said at 7:08 PM on Tue Mar 18 2014
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If she isn't regarded awesome for Shiva, Stacy, or Karai, her best role is definitely Chesire from Young Justice.
said at 4:12 AM on Thu Feb 13 2014
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Happy birthday, Kelly.

It is nice to see she has been more involved in voice work recently. Enjoyed her Cheshire and Shiva.
said at 12:18 AM on Sat Feb 23 2013
I would like to hear her voice Li Mei from MK
said at 5:20 AM on Sat Apr 13 2013
and Lady Deathstirke
said at 9:53 AM on Mon Nov 19 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Woah, she's a black belt in karate? That's pretty awesome! XD
Sarge Ray
said at 4:31 PM on Mon Feb 13 2012
Hey, she's that sorceress from "The Scorpion King"!
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