Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner

Date Of Birth: Jun 19, 1954
Birth Place: Springfield, Missouri

Popularity: 2,034th All Time, 1,704th This Week

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said at 5:42 AM on Mon Jun 19 2017
Happy Birthday Kathleen Turner!
EPA Deane
said at 4:24 PM on Mon Mar 13 2017
 1 Shout Out!
"I'm Not Bad.... I'm Just DRAWN that Way..."
said at 6:33 AM on Sun Jun 19 2016
Happy Birthday Jessica Rabbit!
said at 1:10 AM on Sun Jun 19 2016
Happy 62nd birthday Kathleen Turner!
said at 2:12 PM on Fri Jun 19 2015
Happy Birthday Kathleen Turner!

Jessica Rabbit's voice is one of the most alluring voices I have ever heard.
said at 2:10 PM on Fri Jun 19 2015
Happy Birthday Jessica Rabbit

(and Helloooooo Nurse) :)
said at 5:09 AM on Fri Jun 19 2015
Well, happy 61st birthday to a woman married to a rabbit.
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