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said at 2:39 AM on Sat Jan 6 2018
A really underused Funi talent. She and her co-star Orion Pitts in Peach Girl are the same in that regard. They're both amazing, yet they're not cast more often.

I liked Kate a lot as Akane (Psycho Pass) and Momo (Peach Girl).
said at 1:10 AM on Sun Dec 24 2017
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Kate Oxley has a great range from voicing, mature women, little girls and boys and more!!

My top 25 favorite va roles by her are:

1. Misaki Kirihara (Darker Than Black)
2. Akane Tsunemori (Psycho Pass)
3. Eruka Frog (Soul Eater)
4. Kozue Matsumoto (Baki The Grappler)
5. Hiroshi (Space Dandy)
6. Raimei Shimizu (Nabari no Ou)
7. Ren (Konohana Kitan)
8. Yury (Tower Of Druaga)
9. Yukari Shinomiya (Kaze No Stigma)
10. Mimi (D. Gray Man)
11. Yuko Takahashi (Ghost Hunt)
12. Sane (Mushi-Shi)
13. Lollipop (Shin Chan)
14. Catherine Elle Armstrong (FMA: Brotherhood)
15. Sayaka (The Galaxy Railways)
16. Kimiko Sakurazuka (Ouran High School Host Club)
17. Sasha Kruezhev (A Certain Magical Index)
18. Hiroshi Takei (Shonen Maid)
19. Fuyumi Todoroki (My Hero Academia)
20. Ame-Warashi (XXXholic)
21. Rafaela (Claymore)
22. Mrs. Doi (Wolf Children)
23. Satsuki Shiwasu (Sgt. Frog)
24. Akemi Asakawa (Bamboo Blade)
25. Lilia (Monster Hunter)
said at 12:10 PM on Mon Sep 18 2017
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Happy Birthday Kate Oxley! Better Late than Never! Congrats on your Future Reprisal on UQ Holder if it's gets licensed by FUNimation!
said at 4:47 PM on Sat Apr 1 2017
Kate is underated talent she great as Catherine elle armstrong, Eruka frog, Misaki, Lila, Momo adachi, and Akane tsunemori
said at 10:12 AM on Mon Sep 19 2016
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My Top 10 Favorite Voices of Kate Oxley:

1) Makie Sasaki / Student #16 (Negima!)
2) Akane Tsunemori (Psycho-Pass)
3) Momo Adachi (Peach Girl)
4) Ame-Warashi (xxxHolic)
5) Eruka Frog (Soul Eater)
6) Sasha Kruezhev (A Certain Magical Index)
7) Young Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)
8) Yukari Shinomiya (Kaze No Stigma)
9) Catherine Ellie Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)
10) Mimi (D. Gray Man)
said at 10:04 AM on Sun Sep 18 2016
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Happy (belated) Birthday Kate Oxley!

Definitely another of FUNimation's lesser used and more underrated VA's in their talent pool.

Even though over the years I've grown more and more to disliking the Psycho Pass series, I have to admit Kate did a fantastic job voicing Akane Tsunemori. I thought it was a pretty inspired casting choice and she fits rather nicely. I'd say she did as well as Kana Hanazawa did in the role.

I liked how she portrayed the character mostly in the first season back when she was growing as a character. I'll admit I never saw the second season dubbed because the second season was just awful and I have no intention in re-watching it ever again and I have no interest in the movie right now but I assume Kate continued to do well as Akane in both of those.

I also loved her performance as Eruka Frog in Soul Eater, Sasha Kruezhev in A Certain Magical Index, Catherine Elle Armstrong in the Full Metal Alchemist franchise, and Hiroshi in Space Dandy.

It'd be nice if Kate got more new roles in the near future, outside of the Psycho Pass movie, she hasn't been in anything new since 2014.

Hopefully something new comes her way soon.
said at 4:53 PM on Tue Sep 20 2016
@Autovolt she was young Bakugo in My Hero Academia, so maybe this is a sign she'll get more work
Jared Delgado
said at 7:51 PM on Sat Sep 17 2016
Happy Birthday, Kate! A really recognizable voice, and one I truly missed in 2012.
said at 4:29 PM on Sat Sep 17 2016
Happy Birthday Kate Oxley! The Legendary Voice of Makie, Akane & Mono! Can't wait 4 More!
Darkness Dragon
said at 7:46 PM on Sat Jul 16 2016
Loved her as Momo in Peach girl and Akane in Psycho Pass. She's really talented even I am shocked she is not more known. Even in bit and recurring roles she's great
I hope she does more stuff
The Ear of One
said at 8:54 AM on Sun Feb 16 2014
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when I heard Renka eng dub in Kenichi
I was very surpised that it was not Luci Christian

Kate Oxley really has the LC feeling. good energy and strong voice.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 9:52 AM on Thu Dec 19 2013
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Lead female role in Psycho-Pass. Nice!

Welcome back Kate! :)
said at 10:22 AM on Sun Dec 1 2013
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Nice to see Kate Oxley hasn't completely been forgotten.

Small role in Wolf Children and returning as Rika and Carrot in One Piece is better than nothing.

I'm hopeful for a big Fairy Tail role too. Maybe Meredy?
said at 2:59 AM on Wed Aug 15 2012
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What ever happened to her? I haven't heard her in the last two years or so.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 12:33 PM on Wed Aug 15 2012

Yeah it's a shame since I really like her too. I heard she's a school drama teacher so maybe that's taking up most of her time? Or maybe the ADR Directors just aren't inviting her to auditions anymore...

Her most recent role was probably reprising Misaki Kirihara in Darker Than Black season 2 and that was in 2011; I haven't yet added that show to the site but will in the future.

Hopefully she'll get to voice a character in the new batch of Fairy Tail episodes Funimation licensed to help get her foot through the door again.

Big show = lots of roles = more chances of getting cast
said at 1:46 AM on Fri Aug 17 2012
@Jackson_H Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail??could be possible
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 2:30 AM on Fri Sep 16 2011
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I really like her voice, I think it's very unique.

Always nice to see her name listed in a new show.

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