John de Lancie

John de Lancie

Date Of Birth: Mar 20, 1948
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United State

Popularity: 429th All Time, 760th This Week

Trivia & Fun Facts:

  • Portrayed Q in the Star Trek franchise

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said at 7:28 AM on Sun Mar 20 2016
Happy Birthday Discord, Captain Q, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle, Yak in the Sak, Agent Darkbootie, and Mr. Twister.
Jacob M. Keene
said at 10:07 PM on Sat Mar 19 2016
Happy birthday John de Lancie! I've always enjoyed hearing you as Discord in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and seeing you as Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation!
said at 6:05 PM on Fri Mar 20 2015
Happy Birthday Captain Q, Yak In a Sack, Discord, and Agent Darkbootie.
said at 1:26 PM on Fri Mar 20 2015
Happy Birthday John De Lancie!

The Man who performs tricksters so magnificently especially as Q and Discord, and of course a wonderful actor who is always bringing his A game to every role of his no matter the project.
said at 1:28 PM on Sat Mar 14 2015
"It's Captain Q to you, young man".
said at 9:02 PM on Tue May 20 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Man, that Maleficent trailer spoof...
said at 1:59 AM on Mon Oct 21 2013
I'm surprised there aren't any video games with Q in them.
said at 2:33 PM on Sun Dec 8 2013
@Dogman15 Except "Star Trek: Borg". But that's not a game to be listed on this site, if that's what you mean...
said at 3:47 PM on Sun Dec 8 2013
@immblueversion Why not? Do you mean it shouldn't be on the site, can't be, or something else?
CatsTuxedo (Moderator)
said at 3:57 PM on Sun Dec 8 2013
@Dogman15 Star Trek: Borg is a live-action game, meaning there's no voice-acting involved.
said at 4:04 PM on Sun Dec 8 2013
@CatsTuxedo That's so weird! A video game based on actual footage instead of CGI characters?
CatsTuxedo (Moderator)
said at 6:44 PM on Sun Dec 8 2013
@Dogman15 That's the basic gist of it.
Madness Abe
said at 1:15 PM on Tue Mar 20 2012
Happy Birthday, Q!

(plays Mariachi music)
said at 10:50 PM on Thu Feb 16 2012
I think I sent in a bunch more to the forums on this profile.
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Mr. Twister
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Agent Darkbootie
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