John Hurt

John Hurt

Date Of Birth: Jan 22, 1940
Birth Place: Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England

Popularity: 918th All Time, 520th This Week

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said at 7:11 PM on Sun Jan 22 2017
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Happy Birthday Professor Broom & The Horned King!!!
said at 2:34 PM on Sun Jan 22 2017
Happy Birthday, John Hurt
said at 11:42 AM on Sun Jan 22 2017
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If we are ever getting Hellboy 3 (which might be a bit more likely now),

*fingers crossed*

I hope he is able to return as Professor Broom.

Happy Birthday John Hurt!
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 12:28 PM on Sun Jan 22 2017
@Autovolt Pending any unforseen circumstances, I'm sure they'll find a reason to bring him back.
said at 7:24 AM on Sun Jan 22 2017
Happy Birthday Sir John Hurt aka Sailor John and the Horned King.
said at 7:21 AM on Sun Jan 22 2017
Happy Birthday Sir John Hurt.
said at 6:04 PM on Sat Jan 14 2017
I personally think that there should be another movie other than "A Monkey's Tale" that has John Hurt and some of the Ocean voice cast.
said at 9:35 AM on Thu May 5 2016
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He is a wonderful actor. My favorite role of his is Joseph Merrick in The Elephant Man.
said at 5:04 AM on Fri Jan 22 2016
Happy Birthday John Hurt!
said at 9:22 PM on Sun Nov 15 2015
Such an awesome pirate.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 12:04 PM on Wed Jun 3 2015
 11 Shout Outs!
John Hurt?

Oh, I hope he gets better.

*crickets chirping*
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 12:23 PM on Wed Jun 3 2015
Thank god I was sitting down when reading this because the shear hilarious-ness of the joke made my legs go weak
said at 9:37 AM on Tue Apr 28 2015
I would personally love to see him do a voice as the bad guy in a Barbie movie. Since they have used Tim Curry, Martin Short, and Kelsey Grammer as bad guys in some of the Barbie movies.
said at 12:44 PM on Thu Jan 22 2015
Happy Birthday John Hurt.

I haven't seen enough of his work but he was just perfect as Professor Broom in Hellboy.

I haven't seen The Black Cauldron but from what I have heard of his Horned King, it does sound very haunting.
said at 6:48 AM on Sat Dec 20 2014
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John Hirt is my favorite actor, and my inspiration. While John Merrick & Quentin Crisp & Doyle (Lou) are my favorite screen roles of his, I think his portrayal of Snitter is the greatest voice over performance ever. It made me cry, and was so- real. Long live the legendary John Hurt!
said at 7:45 AM on Wed Jan 29 2014
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Am I the only one who's favorite John Hurt role is Hazel?
said at 5:04 PM on Tue Dec 16 2014
@CartoonFreak666 Same
said at 7:57 AM on Thu Jan 23 2014
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Doctor no more.
said at 4:42 AM on Wed Jun 18 2014
@SmartyBoyboy In the behind the scenes stuff of The Day of the Doctor he said: "I've never done anything like this." and then you watch the episode and it looks as if he has been doing this for years.
said at 9:25 PM on Wed Jan 22 2014
While I am late here, Happy Birthday to the War Doctor, Professor Bloom, Horned King, Joseph Merrick(Elephant Man), among other great roles.
said at 3:16 AM on Thu Jan 23 2014
@DravenRoth994 "Looks above" Professor BROOM!!!! He also did the narration for The Tigger Movie? Awesome!!!!
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:34 PM on Wed Jan 22 2014
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Happy birthday to a legendary actor!
said at 7:06 PM on Wed Jan 22 2014
Happy Birthday, Mr. Ollivander.
Madness Abe
said at 7:03 PM on Wed Jan 22 2014
Happy Birthday, War Doctor.
said at 2:09 PM on Wed Jan 22 2014
Happy Birthday! Doctor 8.5!
said at 12:59 PM on Wed Jan 22 2014
Happy birthday, Horned King.
said at 12:39 PM on Wed Jan 22 2014
Happy birthday John, a wonderful actor.
said at 8:37 AM on Mon Nov 18 2013
Great that he is now joining "Doctor Who" as well. And he was also wonderfull in "Harry Potter".
virtual revenger
said at 2:13 AM on Wed Jul 10 2013
His voice is scary.
said at 3:57 PM on Fri Sep 23 2011
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The way The Horned King's voice sounds in the English Version is VERY haunted sounding! His haunting voice and the way he turned out makes me feel like I'm going to fade away!
said at 6:26 AM on Thu Jan 22 2015
@Aurora The Japanese voice, Shozo Iizuka, is even scarier.
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