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Mrs. Beakley
Joan Gerber

Joan Gerber

Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Date Of Birth: Jul 29, 1935
Date Of Death: Aug 22, 2011
Voice Over Language: English


Credited Roles On BTVA So Far: 46




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said at 2:48 AM on Tue May 28 2013
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JOan's family and mine were friends in Detroit together before I was born. I met her when we were both young kids in the late 1940's. When I came to Los Angeles from the East COast in 1961 she was the only "contact: I knew. I moved into a house across the street from her in Laurel Canyon. We became as brother and sister. As both of our careers progressed, I never ceased to be highly impressed by her talent with voice-over, singing and piano. You could spend hours with her and never know just how successful she was. She lived modestly though comfortably, always with many close and dear friends. After I moved to Rancho Santa Fe and traveled extensively overseas, I saw her less often. But each reunion was with the same personality I met in the early struggling days when we were out of school and building our own careers. I will miss her, and I am thankful for this site which will let me enjoy the melancholy of hearing her through her credits. Though she had many voices, the true "Story Lady" will always be remembered in mine.
Dr. Martin Buncher
said at 6:11 AM on Mon Jul 15 2013

Thank you for sharing that story. As a kid of the 80's, I grew up on 'Ducktales' & still marvel at the amazing work everyone involved with that series did. I unfortunately just found out about her passing earlier this year as voice actors are pretty much never covered in the news.

Your account of Joan gives us (fans) just a glimpse into the life of a person that helped create something so magical & impactful for my generation & future generations. Again, sincerest thanks & may she rest in peace.
michael (Guest)
said at 12:08 AM on Sat Jan 29 2011
One of the most underrated voice-actresses of all-time. Joan Gerber has worked for just about every animation studio that there was. BTW, she was her as Queen Nemone in the very first episode of Filmation's Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, called "City of Gold". She also reprised the role of Queen Nemone in the episode, "Return to the City of Gold", both episodes aired in late 1976 on CBS.

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