Jin Horikawa

Jin HorikawaJapanese

Date Of Birth: Dec 16, 1962
Birth Place: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Voice Over Language: Japanese

Popularity: 1,344th All Time, 1,651st This Week

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said at 12:48 AM on Sat Jun 3 2017
I think B'tX was the first time I started paying attention to Japanese voice-acting... and it was all thanks to X. I knew precious nothing about the language or voice-acting in general and there's Jin Horikawa, his voice deep as the pit and stuck in my 17-year-old head. ...Seven years later I hear a charismatic deep voice in Super Robot Wars OG and turns out it was Tetsuya Onodera, voiced by Jin Horikawa. So, now X and Tetsuya are my favorite characters in their respective franchises. XD
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