Jerry Hausner

Jerry Hausner

Date Of Birth: May 20, 1909
Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Date Of Death: Apr 1, 1993
Cause Of Death: Heart failure

Popularity: 6,327th All Time, 13,137th This Week

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said at 12:31 PM on Sat May 20 2017
Happy birthday and RIP Jerry Hausner!!!

In the old days of radio, he was considered the "King of the Baby Cries", and he always delivered great baby noises in all the shows he was in (like the Jack Benny radio program).

I also enjoyed him as Itchy, B.B. Eyes, Stooge Viller, Brow, Oodles, Mole and he was hilarious as Hemlock Holmes!!!
said at 2:17 PM on Thu Aug 4 2011
QUESTION: DId Jerry Hausner also do voices for the original Mr. Magoo show? I seem to remember his voice.
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